Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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14. Preaching to the Choir - Written By El x

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Autumn's POV


I sat in my room for a while, thinking on about where my parents went and why they left in the first place. It pained me to think that they didn't want me, to think that they didn't tell me they were leaving.

Time passed without me realising, the sun that used to sit in the middle of the sky was now sliding past the horizon. I was gazing out my small window when a there was a gentle knock on the door. My head snapped towards the old wooden door.

" Who is it?" I growled, somehow already angry at the person behind the door.

" Its, err, Harry." replied a deep voice. " Can I come in?" he asked. I thought about it. Harry hadn't done anything to me, in-fact, he's been the one that has consoled me this whole time.

"Sure." I mumbled and the door creaked open. Harry stood by the door for a while then slowly walked over to me, closing the door behind him.

Harry sat beside me and wrapped his arms around my body. I started to cry again, I had no idea where the tears came from. " Its alright, Love." Harry whispered into my ear as he rubbed circles in my back. I pulled away from his hug and realised that I had cried a huge wet patch into his shirt.

" Sorry about that." I pointed as his shirt, he looked down and chuckled.

" Its okay, this shirt needed a wash anyway." He smiled and it made me giggle. We sat there in silence for a while, appreciating each others company then Harry broke the silence.

" Look, Autumn, Zayn, he's a .. what you call it.. douche bag."

" Preaching to the choir."  I rolled my eyes and let out a slight giggle.

" Yeah, but the crazy thing is, he can't help it, and you know what happens after he realises he's been a douche bag to someone he really likes?" Harry asked but an answer couldn't come to me.

" He feels like a dick head and mopes about doing nothing until he regains that persons friendship." Harry continued.

" Sorry Sorry, Hold the phone." I paused Harry in his tracks. " Some one he really likes? Do I not know something?" I asked, trying to get my brain around those few words.

" Seriously? Come on, You must know he likes you, its a plain as day!" Harry laughed at my ignorance. I crossed my arms in defence.

" Nah- uh, Hang on, how the hell is it plain as day, all he's been doing is being a douche bag to me. how was I supposed to know he likes me?" I argued.

" Autumn, we are getting away from the point here. You need to realise that he was born a douche bag!" Harry joked. I giggled. " Now on serious matters, you need to forgive him, He's not going to stop being a douche bag to you until he knows that you like him back, and it doesn't have to be in a 'Love' way. " Harry told me.

" So what your saying is that Zayn is being a douche bag to me because he has a crush on me. " 

" Yeah."

I took in a deep breath. " Where the hell is the logic in that?" I yelled in frustration. Harry's hand rested on my shoulder.

" Autumn, you remember when I said you could change him?" He asked. " Well you can, and this is your chance. He is such a nice lad and you won't even get the change to see that side if you don't help him. Zayn is going through just as much as you are, you guys are actually quite similar. "

" No Harry, I don't want to hel-"

" I'm not asking you to marry him Autumn, just talk to him, and you'll soon realise the kind of guy he actually is, not this douche he is trying to hide behind. You can change him Autumn."

With that Harry got up and left my room and I was alone again. I sat there thinking about it for ages then I made a decision.

I had to do two things tomorrow. 1. go back to school. 2. Attempt to change Zayn.


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