Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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10. Pieces of Paper By El x

Autumn's POV

The sleep I had just encountered was the best I had had in a long time, everything seemed to slow down and the things that usually kept me awake at night seemed to float away. Even though most things had vanished there was just one thought, poking at the back of my mind. 'Why had my parents left?'

When I woke up, there wasn't a single noise in the house, I checked my watch to find that it was already 1 in the afternoon. I was about to drift back to sleep when I realised that I still had school. I jumped up for the sofa and sprinted to my room to grab out a pair of old, ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt, there wasn't much of a choice for me.

I grabbed my phone and headed out of the house. When I got to school, the halls were completely empty. I walked over to my locker to check what Lesson I was supposed to be having. As soon as I opened my locker, thousands of pieces of paper fell out and piled onto the floor. I picked one of them and flipped it over to the side that had writting on.  My eyes scanned the piece of paper, taking in the words.

Fucking Whore, Autumn your such a twat.

That was the only thing I needed to read for tears to spring out of my eyes and for me to sprint straight back out of the school, leaving my locker open and all the awful pieces of paper lying on the floor.

When I got back my house, I immediately crashed on the sofa. It felt like my eyes had suddenly become a waterfall, before I knew it the pillow I was resting on was completely soaked. I didn't deserve this hate, I didn't do anything to make people feel this way, why are they doing this?

I cried for about 45 minutes before I realised that I hadn't seen Zayn all day, I wiped the mascara off my cheeks. I checked my phone to see if there were any missed calls or something from him, or maybe my parents. Nothing.  I groaned, there was no way that I was going out just to find him.

Zayn's POV

" We Shouldn't be here." I muttered, as Louis thumped my bowling shoes into my chest. " Live a little, Mate!" Louis laughed as he began to tie up his laces. " Guys what if we get caught by the paps?" I asked the the boys, they chuckled.

" We won't, this is a private floor, they can't get up here." Harry told me, getting off his chair and testing out his bowling shoes. " Harry, they can get anywere!" I pointed out, slipping on my shoes. " Don't worry Zayn, you can leave if you want to, nobody is forcing you to do anything." Liam told me, picking up a bowling ball and checking it's weight.  " Don't be a priss, live a little Zaynie!" Niall pinched my cheek but I batted his hand away.

" Fine. One game." I said.

 It had been a hour since we started to play, lets just say we got a bit carried away with it, we had practically destroyed all the pins and had made a dent in the bowling alley floor.

" Shit." Liam cursed as he saw a camera flash from newly opened lift doors. Suddenly, there were flashes everywhere, it nearly blinded me. Crap, Balls, Shit, Fuck.  I felt someone's hand grab mine and pull me out.

" Back door guys!" Paul yelled as I sprinted aimlessley, following the other boys. When we got out we stopped to catch our breath.

" I thought you said they couldn't get in!" I yelled at Harry whp immediately looked slightly guilty. " Sorry. I thought they couldnt!" He replied, looking at the floor.  Suddenly Louis' phone began to ring. he took it out of my pocket and hit answer.

" Shit." I heard his say then he hung up.  " What?" Niall asked. " Eleanor called, there are paps everywhere, we wont be able to get back to the house." He said as he began to pace. " Where the hell are we supposed to go then?" Liam asked. They all seemed out of ideas. Then I remembered someone.

" Follow me."


Autumn's POV

The doors busted open and I yelped, prepared to karate chop anyone who dared to break in to my house. " Hey Autumn, I hope you don't mind, My friends are staying for a while." Zayn smiled like this was his house and that I was just a bystander.

" No." I told him, the boys behind his paced around awkwardly. " Com'on Auts! Please, The paps are everywhere!" He begged. I frowned. " My name is Autumn, not Auts and No." I repeated.

" Fuck you Autumn." Zayn cursed and dragged  the boys upstairs. " Sorry." One of the boys with really short hair whispered to me as he passed. I glared back at him.

" Malik, I swear to god. I will call the newspapers and tell them where you are if you don't come down here.!" I yelled. There was a slience.

" zayn!" I screamed. He popped his head around the bend of the staircase. " What Mum!?" He mocked.

" I don't want them here." I told him, " Why not?" He asked, testing how far he could push me. " Because, I don't need this! I didn't want you here in the first place, I didn't want to have to hide away and I didn't want to have to kiss you!" I yelled at him, he froze. Not sure how to answer.

" Then why did you?"


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