Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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8. Not a Fairy-Tale. -Written By El x

Autumn's POV

Where the fuck was my parents?

The room that once was occupied by a old double bed and a desk was gone, leaving only the peeling wallpaper and the scratched, broken wooden floors for me to see. The only thing that was in the room was a Timmy's teddy bear, who looked as if had been accidently left there. Shit. Timmy.

I span around and sprinted to the smaller room next door. It was, just like the other, empty. I collapsed to the floor and squeezed my eyes shut. Hopeing that when I opened them everything would be okay. I screamed in anguish when nothing seemed to change.

My eyes scanned around the dusty room. Everything was gone, even the stickers on the wall, my family were gone, and the only thing that they had left behind was a worn out teddy bear and footprints left in the dust.

Zayn's POV

I didn't really know what to do, so I guess I did the dick thing and just stood there while she cried her eyes out. I still wasn't completely sure what was happening, I know it was bad because she seems really distraught. I looked down at my new converse than at the dirty wooden floor. What a contrast.

I felt a blow of wind and looked up to see that Autumn had left the room and was making her way down the creeky staircase. I jumped a little to follow her. " What happened?" I asked, jeez Zayn, could you be any more empathetic? I mentally slapped myself.

" What do you think happened dumb arse?" She spat back, tears still streaming down her face. Alright, I deserved that one. " Sorry." I muttered quietly. 

" Sorry won't bring them back will it? So next time you decide to say something, say something that will bring them back." She spat and sprinted down the last couple steps. I followed her. I don't know why, but I did.  When we got to the sitting room, she suddenly span around. " what do you want?" She said angrily, pushing me back a bit. I looked around anxiously. " Uh.. I want to help." I answered, fantastic answer Zayn, bloody fantastic.


“How the fuck are you going to help?" She stepped forwards towards me, making me step back, her eyes locked with mine. " You haven't done anything for my benefit yet, you've not even the slightest courtesy or manners. You can't go anywhere or do anything for me because the press will see you and that would not be good for you. It all seems to be about you since you got here.  You haven't even asked about me yet, you haven't even showed the slightest worry about me, I'm sorry if my life isn't like in most fairy tales, I’m sorry if I don't have luscious long hair or skin as white as snow, this is my life, and for a while it is going to be yours so here's a straw, suck it up!" She screamed.  I didn't know how to react, or feel for that matter. I just stood there, silent just as before and looked down at the floor.


Her eyes never left mine; I wasn't sure if she was trying to stare me down or expecting me to say something. “I’m sorry?" I said, but it sounded more like a question.  “Damn right you should be.” She spat and ran to the wall telephone; her fingers fumbled around for the numbers and soon had the phone up to here ear.

I didn’t hear anything but soon enough her eyes were full of tears again. She hung the phone back on the wall and threw herself on the sofa. “They aren’t coming back.” She cried into her pillow. “They left me.” She screamed. I walked over to where she lay and sat at the very edge of the sofa. I slowly put my hand on her back and began to gently rub circles on her spine.  She flinched away and sat up. I immediately drew back. Not the right move. “I am sure they will contact you.” I told her, trying to convince her that everything would get better but honestly I weren’t even sure myself.

“They won’t.” She replied bluntly.  “Well, why not?” I asked. She looked me in the eye; I could so the pain so clearly, it looked as if it cut her so deep there would be no way of saving her.  
“Because their number was changed.” and with that she practically fell into my arms, my insticts kicked in and I wrapped my arms around her as she cried into my chest.


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