Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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16. Miranda - Written By El

Sorry - Quick note from P&M x - El went to china about 10 days ago and this chapter was written by her obviously but the next few chapters will be written by moi.

Due to this, I won't be able to update that quickly since I have two other books to write (which are close to finishing) but hopefully updates will be quicker :)



Autumns POV

The walk home from the park was uneventful and as soon as I stepped inside the dump that was my house I was blinded by the house lights that seemed so much brighter than last time.  When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a girl with a dustpan and brush scurrying around the small space that I called my living room. When she saw me she froze.

“Hi.” I said more like a question, is was clear that she was terrified. “Can I help you?”

The woman looked around the room, it was as if she didn’t understand me.

Suddenly she screamed “Señor, señor, está aquí, ¿qué hago?” I was stunned at the volume and language of what she just said so I just stood there, not sure what to do.

I stared to move again when Niall strolled into the room and smiled awkwardly at me.

“Está bien Miranda, usted puede ir ahora.” Niall told the girl and she hurried out of the house.

There was a silence.

“Who was that?” I asked, frustrated.

“Miranda.” Niall answered calmly and threw himself on the armchair.  “Boys, Autumn is home!”

“What the hell do you mean Miranda? Who is Miranda?” I questioned, completely out of the loop as the boys strolled into the living room, greeting me one by one. Well except Zayn, he just winked at me. What a cocky bastard.

“What do you mean who is Miranda?” She’s the girl that was just here, I thought you saw her.” Zayn butted in and raised his eyebrow at me. I was freaking talking to Niall, why the hell did he have to answer?

I threw the only thing that was in my pocket at him, which happened to be Vaseline lip balm. Someone’s hand shot up and caught it before it even reached him. Harry’s head popped up from being the coffee table and he inspected the object.

“You threw Vaseline at him? Vaseline?” Harry laughed at me and chucked it back at me, I struggled to catch it and it landed with a clutter on the floor.

“God Dammit, What does this Miranda do?” I nearly screamed.

All the boy looked away from the TV and looked at me.

“She’s the bloody maid!” Niall grumbled.

I stopped my foot down on the floor in frustration. I knew I was about to throw a fit, they were all acting like arseholes and I couldn’t deal with it.

“Get out.” I declared. Nobody noticed me.

“Get out!” I yelled louder and the boys looked at me for a second then they all looked at Zayn.

“Zayn.” Louis nudged Zayn.

“No, All of you. Out.” I growled.

They all let a silence take over and stared at me in confusion.

“Now.” They all jumped to their feet and slowly walked over to me.

“Look, Autumn, you don’t mean that, why can’t you just kick out Zayn, he’s the one you’re angry at.” Harry attempted to bargain. I just shook my head.

“Please Harry, Just leave.” I whimpered as all my anger left me and sadness took over.

“C’mon Autumn, please.” Niall begged as Liam and Louis just stood there awkwardly. Zayn was standing the furthest away from me and his eyes were constantly locked in with mine.

“Guys, if she wants us to leave, we should, this is her house.” Liam reasoned and I smiled at him.

“Thanks Liam.”

With that the Niall and Harry kissed me on the cheek and Liam and Louis gave me a farewell hug. Zayn stayed back a little though and when it was his turn his goodbye shocked me.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time.”



I know, a little short, Im sorry ;( Quite a dramatic chappie! What do you think is going to happen??? Feel free to drop a comment xx Don't be a ghost reader ;D

Right now I am in China ( well, by the time this is published) and there is no Wifi, which is the reason Mina is updating for me :) xx

Yeah soo... Thanks for reading xx oH! What do you guys think about the Best Song Ever?  Like it? I personally love it and the music video is brilliant xx


- Love El

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