Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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7. Malicious Toad -Written By Pick n' Mix

Autumn’s POV
Ugh, fuck this dick. Oh wait, no, I definitely do not want to do that. I slammed my door shut and flopped down on my bed. What was with that boy?
He was like some messed up brat. Wait, no. He wasn’t ‘like’, he was. I groaned and glanced at my watch. It was nearly 6. God, I hadn’t even thought about what my parents were going to say to this.
They were either going to be happy that I had brought a friend home for the first time or they would be extremely cross that I had brought a friend home, needless to say that he was male.
Wait a minute. He wasn’t my friend. I was surprised he even had any. He was just some spoilt kid who thought that life revolved around him. He was like a malicious toad.
I liked that, Malicious Toad. It suited him well, very well. And that is what I would be calling him from now on. Yup, malicious toad. Well at least he would be called malicious toad in my head.
I doubt that it would go very down with him. Suddenly, I heard a massive crash downstairs and I immediately groaned in frustration. What was Malicious Toad doing?
I stumbled off the bed and lumbered downstairs, getting ready to roll my eyes if he had hurt his phone or something. I pushed open the door and stopped in my tracks.
Zayn was standing in the middle of an array of pieces of glass in the middle of my sitting room. I could hardly breathe. My eyes were trying to fight back the tears and I felt like I would crumple to the floor.
Zayn looked up and he had some evil smirk etched onto his face, along with the look of worry. “W-What did you…,” I couldn’t even finish the sentence. Tears just streamed out of my eyes as I walked closer and closer to the broken fragments lying on the wooden floor.
I picked one up, forgetting that Zayn was even there and ran my finger across the jagged edge. Why had he done this?
Zayn’s POV
As soon as tears started to pour out of her eyes and she stumbled around with the glass, I immediately felt guilt pour into my veins but I pushed them away as quickly as they came.
“Oh sorry, was that precious to you?” I said sarcastically. Her head jerked upwards and she stood up, leaning on the armchair.
“Yes, it was fucking precious to me. It was practically the only thing that was, but now, it’s all gone. It’s lost and it’s your entire fucking fault. You just strut in here like some spoilt brat and just break everything you see. You broke the glass and now you are breaking me. Thanks a lot. Thanks a whole fucking lot.”
And with that she ran out, dropping the piece of glass she had been holding and leaving me completely shocked in the middle of the room.
I just stood there. I don’t know for how long but her words had struck me like a knife cutting into my heart. I was just some spoilt brat. I was breaking her. I was possibly the biggest fucktard in the world.
I sighed and I waited to hear any movement from upstairs but there wasn’t. I sighed again and walked into the kitchen which I had found a few minutes ago.
I picked up a dustpan and brush and went back to the sitting room. I knelt down, careful not to accidentally land on some glass and brushed all the pieces of broken glass into the dustpan.
Making sure I had got every piece of glass there, I went back into the kitchen and poured into a bag. I tied the bag up tightly and breathed out. She definitely was not going to forgive me. Heck, I wasn’t going to forgive myself but this was the least I could do.
I walked out of the kitchen and made my way to the stairs. I climbed up the small set of stairs and paused at the tiny landing. There were three doors, two on the left and one on the right.
I went for the one on the right first and opened the door. I entered a small room with a double bed and blank walls. There was hardly anything in the room. It was only the bed and a table next to it.
I closed the door and turned to the two doors on the left. I waited there while I deliberated which room she was in. I finally knocked on the first door and I heard someone move.
Since no one was here apart from us two, at least I thought so, I knew it was her. “Autumn, can I come in?” I asked softly. I heard another rustle and then the sound of shuffling.
The door swung open and I came face to face with a red eyed and angry Autumn. “What do you want Malik?” she snarled. “Look, I’m sorry and I came to give this to you,” I said, holding up the bag of glass.
“It’s the er, pieces of glass which I broke. I thought that maybe you could fix it sometime or ask your parents to,” I muttered. She took the bag from my hand gently and peered in.
“Thanks,” she mumbled quietly. I ran my hand through my hair and breathed out. “I’m really sorry about what I did. I was a dick and I shouldn’t have been so horrible to you,” I said.
She gave me a soft smile and nodded,” I think I need to be alone right now.” I nodded knowingly but asked,” one last thing. Is the room over there supposed to be that empty? I mean if it’s a spare room, why couldn’t I have been in it?”
Her eyes widened and she shoved the bag back into my hand. She pushed me roughly out the way and burst through the door of the other room. She didn’t move a muscle. I thought she wasn’t breathing at one point.
“Autumn, is everything ok?” I asked but she didn’t reply.
Autumn’s POV
I heard Zayn ask for me but I ignored him.
Where the fuck was my parents?
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