Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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18. Laughter

I just sat there, like a rag doll incapable of any movement and let the guilt pour through my veins. I could have gone after him and talked it through, I could have gave him a hug to calm him down and I could have said something, anything to make him realise that I actually cared, but being the awful person I am ,  I just sat there.

My eyes scanned the room and landed on the cold tea. Reaching for it I picked it up and carried it to the kitchen, the feeling of guilt never leaving me.

I then picked up the vase and replaced it back on the mantel piece, kissing it before I placed it down. Then once more I just sat back down, not even attempting to go find and comfort Zayn. Maybe he didn’t want to see me, he probably doesn’t want to see me, I repeated to myself. Thinking that if I said it long enough then it would be true, and maybe even actually convince myself of it along the way.


I immediately put the book down when I heard footsteps creaking down the stairs. I turned to face them with interest as Zayn walked down the small staircase and sat down on the armchair beside me.

“Hey” he said in a coarse voice that made me shiver a little.

“Done throwing a hissy fit?” Maybe that was a bit inconsiderate of me, I thought and mentally slapped myself.

Thankfully, Zayn chuckle and wiped his eye once more.

“I think so and I can tell that you’re back to your arsehole self.” He replied, smirking slightly.

“ahhaaa, good one little miss Malik. “ I said sarcastically back, attempting to keep in a giggle.

Zayn laughed a little and that triggered me to start laughing. I didn’t know why we were nearly pissing ourselves but those 2 minutes seemed like the only two minutes of happiness I have properly had with Zayn and what can I say?

It felt good.


I sipped a little more of my new, hot cup  of tea and chuckled at the pathetic joke Zayn had just made. There was a knock on the door and I could tell that Zayn was a little upset that our conversation had been stopped, just like I was.

“I’ll get it.” I told him and he nodded, I put my tea cup down and walked towards the door. Not being bothered to look though the peep hole I just opened the door.

My breath stopped as tens of flashing lights blinded me. I wasn’t sure what do as all the voices began to shout at me. I stood there for a couple seconds then slammed the door shut. Zayn rushed to me, worry clear in his eyes.


As soon as the one word left my mouth Zayn began to shake his head in anger and disbelief.
“How did they find us?” Zayn asked angrily as I just stood there blankly.

“Maybe they saw you coming back here.” I suggested.

“No, there was no one around when I got back.”

I was out of ideas, yep just one and then I was out. I’m stupid okay?    

“What are we going to do Zayn?” I asked, slightly frightened by the sudden outburst of events.

Zayn looked up from the floor and his eyes made connection with mine.

“We could just wait in here, close all the curtains and doors and just wait it out I guess.” I said, as he just stood there silently.

“No.” He said suddenly, making me jump slightly. “They never leave, that is the problem with these good for nothing bastards.” He began running his fingers through his hair angrily.

My next thought was cut off by Zayn’s phone going off. He reached into his pocket and then put the phone to his ear

Zayn’s POV

“Harry?” I said into the phone, trying to keep the anger out of it so not to make him think that I was angry at him.

“Yeah, Hi Zayn.” He sounded worried and a little terrified to be honest. Immediately I knew there was something wrong.


“Uhhhh, Sorry mate, I really didn’t mean to. “He was scaring me now.

“What the hell did you do?”

“Uhh, I admit maybe driving to Autumn house in my range rover wasn’t such a good idea.” Harry replied nervously. I was literally about to explode.

“What. Did .You. Do.” I seethed.

“I was worried about you, you know and –“

“Cut the crap Harry. What did you do?” I demanded.



Yes. I know.

You All Hate Me.

And I hate me too.

I am so sorry for the huge wait! Summer was so busy and as soon as I got back to school we went straight into work. I honestly have not had any time.

That is the truth and I  now.

I have other things to do and I really would like you guys to understand that I am busy, like, really busy.


I really love you guys and I hope you liked this chapter! xx Excuse the shitness of it if you didn't and hope to hear from you xx :)

;) My god I haven't said this in a while but,

Remember: Smile :D

El xx

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