Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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2. Flying Balls- Written By Pick n' Mix

Autumn's POV

What. The. Fucking. Hell. Did. I. Just. Do? I could still see the distraught look on that girl's face as I broke the kiss. I had never had a kiss like that in my life. Ever and at one point I didn't want it to stop but then I knew I had to. It was just a dare and he was a just a man.

A man who now a heartbroken girlfriend thanks to me. I ran back to Amy who was the first I saw. I ripped her off some god-forsaken man and glared at her. "I've done it, now where is the money," I hissed.

I had just ruined someone's life, 2 of them actually and now I at least wanted to get my money. She eyed me and waved off the man who was waiting eagerly next to her. He glared at her but slunk off miserably.

She stood up and said," it's not here." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "What do you mean it's not here?" I asked through gritted teeth. "I mean that the money isn't here. Now leave before I lose my patience," she snarled.

I glared at her but did what I was told. I walked out, living the crowded room of intoxicated teenagers. Tears slipped down my cheek as pulled my coat over me.

Next Day

"You said you would get it for me today!" I said angrily outside Amy's locker. She slammed her locker door shut and glared at me. "Well look what happened. It's not here so deal with it," she said.

"Do Karen or--" "No, they fucking don't so live with it. Why are you so desperate anyway? It was just a measly dare," she rolled her eyes at me. I paused then nodded and walked away.

How could they do this to me? I weaved in and out of the people, leaving the school and running away. Tears were pouring down my face and I felt like such a loser but they didn't know.

I ran all the way to the park, ignoring the group of boys playing football and an old lady walking her dog.  but round the side and behind a massive tree.

If you went down far enough there was a small stream running through the middle of the woods that bordered the park and I normally went there but my legs collapsed and I fell behind a tree.

I huddled up, bringing my knees close to my face and planting my face in my knees. Everyone would think I was some total loser, running away like that but I would make up some excuse to cover it all up.

What would my family think of me?

After about 10 minutes or so, I stood up, resting my arm on the tree to help me up. I wiped away my tears and took some deep breaths. I needed to get back to school before all rumors went loose.

I started walking and looked up, only to be greeted by a flying ball hitting me in the face. I fell down and groaned in pain. Whoever had kicked that ball had a mean kick.

"Oh god, are you ok?" asked someone. My eyes fluttered open and I came face to face with a pair of dark and concerned eyes. They seemed so familiar.

"Er, yeah," I muttered. "Here, let me help," he said, offering his hand and placing his other hand on my back, helping me up. I turned to face him and my eyes bulged. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"You ok?" he asked. I nodded, breaking away the eye contact and looking down at the ground," yeah thanks. Um, I should be going so-"

"Wait, you're the girl who.." he trailed off. I tore my hand out of his and started to walk away. "No, wait," he said and grabbed my wrist. "What," I spat angrily.

He was taken back by my tone and I used this as an advantage to leave but his grip stayed firmly on my wrist. "Let me have your number," he said, more like an order than a question. "No way, who do you think you are?" I asked.

He took a step closer to me and whispered," the guy you kissed last night." I stared right back into his eyes, trying not to show that I was scared. I huffed," fine."

I dug around in my pocket and shoved it in his hands," make it quick." He nodded and gave me his phone which was already on the new contact screen. I wrote my name in quickly and my number, pressed save and rammed it into his chest. His extremely hard chest.

I winced slightly as my fingers burst with pain but didn't show any emotion on my face. He quickly passed back my phone and looked at his," well, it was nice meeting you... Autumn." I rolled my eyes," I can think of nicer ways."

He chuckled," I agree but it was better than yesterday." I turned red with guilt and looked down at the floor. "Yeah, I guess," I mumbled. "Well, I have to go back to my game of football but only if you are alright, does your head still hurt?" he asked.

I shook my head and gave him a reassuring smile. "Well, I'll call you," he said smiling. "Er, yeah, bye," I looked down at my phone," Zayn." "Bye Autumn," he waved and jogged back to the 4 other boys waiting for him.

Suddenly, my eyes widened with realisation. I had just been speaking to Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik of One Direction. Holy Shit. I wasn't a fan girl or some directioner but it didn't take me a second to realise that I had ruined a celebrity's life.

In fact I was surprised that he hadn't shouted at me and stirred something up in the media to make me look bad. I was so confused at the way he just came up to me and helped me. If I was him, as soon as I recognised me, I would have just left her and muttered a 'sorry' or something.

I walked away, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion and worry. Maybe he was just acting nice so that when he did hit the press, I wouldn't expect it. Or... I was so confused.


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