started with a chat (niallhoranfanfic)

saoirse talks to niall on twittter and he comes to see her. what will happen in this journey


1. crazy huh

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx twitter: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Me: Heyy niall 
Niall: Hi 
Me:Whens next time your back in Ireland Xxx
Niall:Dno why X
Me: Ye should come down to an Rinn 
Niall:Where in Ireland is that ? 
Me: Waterford :)
Niall: is it near Dungarvan?
Me: Ya have you been here before ?
Niall: I think I have when I was younger
Me: so will ye
Niall:I'll see if we have time 
Me: if ye do call down to my house 
Niall: grand no problem 
Me: Can I have your number Xxx
Niall: If I come down to ya
Me: Fine do u like my profile pic 
Niall : of course i do its me 
Me: i no ur my favorite 
Niall: thanks its like i no you 
Me: u kinda do it was 4 years ago i was up in mullingar with my friend 4 my bday nd she just asked u out 4 me nd den u turned me dwn :(
Niall: im sorry i remember dat i said no bcuz i didnt no ya 
Me:ya  u said dat my sis wants 2 know if ull ever go out with a 13 year old girl 
Niall: ill have 2 c lioke how tall is she 
Me: shes on about me nd im 5"7 
Niall: nice im d same 
Me: kwl 
Niall: since ur 13 u goin into 1st year 
Me : ya u 18?
Niall: Nope 19 :p
Me:ur bday is exactly 2 months b4 mine
Niall: So ur bday is 13 November 
Me: yup :p Xxx
Niall: Nice 
Me: I have 2 logout 4 a while Xxx
Niall: I'll c u around Xxx ;)
Me : Ok 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NEXT DAY : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Niall: u online
Me: No :D
Niall:Hahah very funni if we did come 2 u where would we find u 
Me: ye'll have 2 call me on dis number 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTwo minutes later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(ring ring ) number on private 
 Me: Hello, Hu d fuck is dis ?
Voice: Calm down girl we wont kill u .
the voice had an Irish accent . O.M.G its Niall Horan
Me: As long as you promise not 2 hurt me 
I was laughin at dis moment 
Niall: So how do we find you 
Me: wat do u c 
Niall:a post office  
Me : ok keep on that road and stop at d shop nd ill meet ye der
Niall : ok cya
i hung up d fone

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Liam's p.o.v xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harry: do u like her or something
Niall: ya 
Louis: u should tell her
Niall: wat if she laughs
Zayn: I have a feeling she wont 

we finally got down 2 d shop 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My pov xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: im goin dwn 2 spar 
Mam: ok be carefull
Me: kk bii cya in a bit 
Mam:ok bii
I ran down 2 spar bcuz i was runnin late I  saw louis car but pretended i didnt I was walkin past When the back door opened It was Niall.
Niall: u comin in or wat 
Me: i think i will 
 i got into the car nd sat on nialls lap (OMG i love Niall but he'll never like me    :( ) i was sad now at d thought of dat 
Niall: wats  rong
Me: huh ohh nuthin
we drove up 2 my house
Mam : saoirse hu just drove in
Me: uz
Mam: wtf saoirse hu was driving 
d lads didnt come in yet 
Me : Louis did
Mam: how old is dis louis u speak of
Me: I think hes wait LOUIS
Me: how old are u
Louis:21 y 
Me: no reason, hes 21
Mam: is he in dat band 1 direction dat ur obsessed wi 
Me: ya bout time u relized
we just started laughin 
the lads were after comin in  even mi brother nd sisters came out 2 c wat was so funny . briannagh nd muireann came out saw dem nd sprinted into d siting room.  den darragh came up d hall nd just stood der and said 
Darragh:ohh my god mam wat are dey doin here
d lads nd I started 2 laugh 
Darragh:wats so funny ohh ur faces haha 
Me: darragh shut up ur just jelous
Darragh: no im not do ye want 2 play hurling 
louis: Wat d hell is dat
Me, Niall and Darragh: its an irish sport
lads: ohh well we dnt no how 2 play
Me: ill teach ye its fun
Niall: do u play for a club
Me: ya ,ohh ya dat reminds me i have a match 2 night
Niall: can we come 2 watch ye
Harry:are u shur its 2 watch dem not her
Niall was blushin and laughing  
Me: Niall u blushing 
Naill : no 
and he looked away
we played hurlin 4 a bit den we went 2 d beach ,all 9 of us went all of dem were in d water but me 
what d lads where talkin about in d water 
Niall: y isnt she comin in 
Darragh: she hardley comes in any more
Louis: we should do something about it so
the lads came up 2 me nd niall had his fone out nd he nodded his head 2 d lads 
Louis: grab her 
the lads had grabbed me nd threw me into d water 
Me: lads yell pay for it 
Me: cant tell u
after a while we all came out nd got dressed and went 2 d chipper but before we got there this wat d lads in the front were sayin
Harry: they would be good 2gether 
Louis:ya he likes her he told me since d other day
Muireann: She like him 2
Harry: we should make dem go out
Louis: ya
we got 2 d chipper nd d lads sat down nd left no space for me nd niall. me nd Niall ordered d food 
Niall:5 burgers nd 6 chips plzz
Me: ill have 3 chiken nuggets nd a burger nd 4 chips
Niall: dats a small order 
Me: dats y im eatin some of ur chips
we laughed 
Niall:do u wanna sit here
Me: ya shure y not 
he pulled out the chair for me
Me:thank u
Niall: No bother back in a sec im goin 2 d bathroom
Harry: im comin aswell i need 2 go
when they were in the bathroom
Harry: Ask her out
Niall: wat if she says no
Harry: She wont her little sis told me dat she really liked u 
Niall: Ok in a while 
wat we were talking about when they were in d bathroom
Zayn: Saoirse do like him
Me: Ya y
Liam : ask him out 
Me: No I did it before nd he said no
Louis: He likes u he told me
Me: really im onli 13
Them: SO
The lads came outta the bathroom harry was smiling  and Niall looked sick 
Me: Niall u ok
Niall: Ya y wouldnt I 
Then he looked at harry and I looked at d lads 
Niall: can i talk 2 u in private 
Me:Ya we can  go out
wat d lads were talkin about when we went outside
Harry: Hes going to ask he out
Zayn: No way Ha
Muireann: really
Darragh:now I no y saoirse like ye ye're gwd
Liam: Thank you
Briannagh:they would be good together
Darragh: Will she have 2 go on tour with ye
Harry: If she wants  like
Louis will ye miss her
Darragh: No im getting her room
briannagh nd muireann: kinda
what we were talkin about out side :p
Niall: 4 years ago I turned u down but no im askin for 1 thing ur heart
Me:Niall I'll give it u
Niall: the thing im try 2 say is will u go out with me
Me: Yes ya I will
Niall: does this count as our first date 
Me:No my lads are here
we held hands and walked in all the lads were screamin
Harry:ur food is goin cold
Zayn:so ye a thing 
Darragh:u goin on tour wit them  
Me:would u miss me 
Darragh: no i dibsed ur room 
we all started laughing . me and Niall sat down and started eating  
when we were done we went into the car
Me:lads wats d time 
Niall: 6:15 y 
Me:shit me match starts in 15 mins can ye drop me home so i can get mi stuff nd den drop me up
Louis: ya shur no problem 
we went 2 my house my mam left my gear outside d door cause she went up already nd den we went straight up 2 d pitch i jumped outta the car a ran into the field i was after changin into my gear the match didnt start i ran up to sinead
Me:im so sorry im late am I playin or am i sub
Sinead: Will u go in goal 
Me: ya no problem 
I ran into the side of the goal nd waited for the first wide at the other side 
Me: Áine u go in center back nd tell meadhbh she can come off for a while 
Áine:y u late
Me:long story I'll tell u in a bit
Áine: is dat 1 direction behind u 
Me: Probably dats y im late 
Áine: u came with one direction
Me: yup shur i'm dating Niall
Áine: no way nd lookout the ball is comin
Me: Ya way nd thanks 
the ball came áine missed it I ran up got it and hit up 2 the forwards 
Niall: nice shot babe
Me: Thnks
Áine: Saoirse ur gettin way better
Me: Thnks so are u
Áine: Its weird no 1 else noticed d lads 
Me: ya
Shorna: wat ye talkin about 
Me: Nothin 
then I looked at Áine and we started 2 laugh
then 1 of the lads started talkin
Harry: Saoirse dont be mean  to your friend 
Me: Shup Harry
Louis: Hes right do dont be mean Saoirse
Me: Louis if I were u id shut up 
Liam: y would u 
Me: Liam 
Zayn: Yup 
Me: Zayn i dont want 2 hurt ye 
niall: exspeicealy not me babe u wont hurt me rite
Me:Niall if I have 2 hurt some1 it would be u 
Niall: y me babe 
Me: lads just shut UP!!!!!!
i turned around nd Áine nd shorna were pissin dem selves laughin 
Shorna: Is dat One Direction 
Me: yup y
Shorna: And your not completly fangirl 
Me: Nope 
Shorna : But 2 weeks ago u nd Natasha when pretendin u were marrying dem nd all
Me: I dont need 2 pretend im goin outt with Niall any more
Shorna: Y
Me: We're goin out in real life
Shorna: Haha as if 
Me: Dats funny 
Shorna: How nd heads up the ball is comin   
Me: thnks 
nd Áine said the exact same thing 
The ball was goin over the bar but i put up the hurley nd hit it away       
Shorna: Nice save , but its not true u nd Niall 
Me: How couldnt it be 
Shorna: Hes like 19 nd ur 13
Me: So wat does dat have 2 do with any thing
Shorna:Ur 5 years younger 
Me: I no and ur point iss
Shorna: I dont no 
Áine: it's complicated
Me: yup I'll tell ye after
Áine's marker: you're goin out with one directions Niall Horan
Me: I dont no any other Niall Horan so yup
Áine's marker: Fiona there gaolie is goin out with Niall Horan
Fiona: Kate she's probably kidding
Kate: then y would One Direction here
Fiona:  Really where are they
Me: behind me
Me,Áine and Shorna started laughing
the ref blew the whistle for  half time me Shorna and Áine went 2 Niall nd dem
Me: Lads this is Áine nd Shorna
Me: we have 2 go back 2 d team
Shorna: ya
we ran over 2 d lads 
Hannah: hu was da u were talkin 2
Me: some lads da we all no 
the 3 of us started 2 laugh
Lia: wats there names
Me: Niall,Harry,Zayn,Liam nd Louis
i was laughin
Lia:Bull shit y would they b here
Me: im goin out with Niall
Hannah: thats obviously bullshit
Me: it isn't
Lia: Bring dem over 
Me:No were ment 2 be playin a match ill bring dem ova afta
the other team were screaming really loud bcuz d lads were goin up 2 d other gaol the ref blew the whistle nd we had 2 go on 2 d pitch i walked up 2 the gaol and started talkin 2 d lads
harry: ur a good gaolie
Me:dats y im in gaol 
Louis:nice sarcasim
Me: Thnks
the match started again nd d ball didnt come near me so I sat dwn nd talked 2 d lads Shorna nd Áine joined in with me
the ref blew the whistle for the end of the match
Me: Lads can ye come to our dressin rooms 
Harry: Id love 2
we all started laughin and we went 2 d dressin rooms     The 8 of us went into the dressing rooms with the lads   
Me: See I'm not a bullshiter
Lia: Ok they are here but that doesnt mean your dating Niall
Louis: they are   
 Niall had his hand rapped around me at this point 
Hannah: Oh  sorry dat i doubted u
Me: It's grand 
Sinead: Lads ye played really good tonight 
there will be training next week 
Me: I can't go
Sinead: Y 
Me: I'm goin on holidays with the lads 
Lia: Really for how long
Me: Umm I dno 
Then looked at the lads
Liam: A Year 
Zayn: Mabey 2
Hannah: were r ye goin 
Me: Take Me Home World Tour
Lia: O.M.G really
we just nodded our heads
Me: My Mam doesnt no anything yet so no 1 bring it up 2 her till tomoro
Every1: Ok
i got changed and watched the match it was the u16 lads and we were siting behind the gaol we wer talking for a bit until a pain hit my eye
Me: fuck what the hell


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