my best friend

Dillon spearing is a youtube singer who deletes his videos because he wants to start over but he always makes time for his fans


2. dillon

hey guys my name is dillon spearing im 14 and i live in the UK i do covers for songs on youtube and meet up with lots of my fans but thats just it other then that i am a regular guy who is friends with famous people anyway i decided to restart my videos on youtube because i wanted to change them around.


Dillons POV

i woke up at 10 in the morning and got ready for the day i was meeting up with my bestfriends taaleasha and matty then heading to the youtube meet at Hyde Park  i was looking forward to the meet because bella would be there i have a major crush on her but only matty and taaleasha know. bella is friends with taaleasha and kat so taaleasha can find out stuff for me like whether or not bella likes me which is what she is going to find out tonight because bella is staying over her house and all will be revealed

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