Why him?

You live in a small apartment building by yourself but your boyfriend is always over. The old lady next door moves out one night and a boy moves in. You become very good friends as you get to know each other but things start to go wrong.


3. The Party

It's 7:00 and I am ready after a lot of changing my outfit and hair style. I ended up wearing a red dress the is tight on my chest and stomach and flares out a little at the bottom, plain black heels and a tight ballerina bun. I grab my mobile phone and shove it down my bra and start to walk over there. I walk into his apartment and I see people making out, passed out and dancing. I thought wow this will be fun, sarcastically.

I'm standing at the door taking a few small steps at time trying not to step on anyone. Xavier walks up to me. "Hey thanks for coming" He says as he gives me a little hug. "Your party looks like a hit, people are already passed out." He has a little laugh to himself and grabs my hand a leads me in. 

 Xavier has gone to get some drinks so i was standing there alone. "Hey beautiful." A stranger says to me walking up nearly tripping because he's so drunk. Great, just my luck. I give him a smile a turn around so he doesn't talk to me anymore. I'm leaning against the wall waiting for Xavier but the stranger turns around and faces me, only a few centimetres away. His breath stinks of alcohol mixed with cigarettes. "Hey, I saw you walk in alone and i know for a fact your not leaving here without me tonight because your single, aren't you? I'm Jake by the way." Yuck, who does he think he is, an asshole that gets whoever he wants. "Ah i've got a boyfriend." He tries to kiss me but I push him away and he tries again and I push him away, again.

He keeps at it and then i see Xavier coming over. A sense of relief went over me. "Hey is this guy bothering you?" Xavier said as he looked at him. "Who are you. Ohh wait a second, this is your boyfriend isn't it. Well it looks like you two aren't leaving together because she's with me now." I was just thinking in my head 'He is so disgusting who would ever want to be with him. Eww.' 

All of a sudden Xavier pushes him and Jake pushes him back but a little too hard. Xavier gets really aggravated and punches him in the nose. He just stood there as Jake fell. "Lets go mingle with some other people" Xavier says as he grabs my hand starting to lead me to another group of people but before we could get very far Jake got up and punched him, several times, in his face and stomach. He then just walks out of the apartment. Finally he's gone but Xavier is really hurt. 

I help him up and take him to my apartment where i try and fix him up. He is in the kitchen leaning against the bench as i pat his eyebrow and lip to get the blood off. I flinches every time i touch him. He lifts up his shirt to see his bruise and I stood there, frozen again looking at his abs. I knew it's the wrong time to be doing that but i just could help myself. He had a few cuts on them so I dabbed them with a damp cloth.

"Thanks so much, I don't know what i would've done without you." He said placing his hand on my face. "I should be the one thanking you, you were the one that took punches for me. If you didn't show up when you d-" I couldn't finish what i said because he kissed me. 

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