Why him?

You live in a small apartment building by yourself but your boyfriend is always over. The old lady next door moves out one night and a boy moves in. You become very good friends as you get to know each other but things start to go wrong.


2. The Drink Machine Invite

I wake up the next morning after the anniversary dinner and I turn around to Carter but he wasn't there, but I could see a note on the pillow. I sit up and open it... 'I had a great night last night. I had to go to work but I'll call you later. Carter'. I get up put one of his t-shirts on and walk out to the kitchen to get some juice. I open the fridge but there's none, Carter probably drunk the rest of it this morning. There is a drink machine out in the hallway so i get some change out of my wallet and walk out to it.As i put my money in Xavier walks out in his boxer shorts and comes over to me. He has the most ripped body with abs and he has a little tattoo of some chinese characters.

I freeze for a second looking at his torso but then I snap out of it. "Hi" I say as I reach to get my bottle of juice. "Hi, Today I will be moving all my furniture in so there will probably be a lot of banging around, so in advance sorry for the noise." "It's fine. If you need any help today just give me a call and I will be happy to assist you." "Thanks for that. I am having a party kind of a house warming party tonight so your welcome to come over If you'd like." He says with a smile. "Yeah sure I'll be there." "Great, I'll see you tonight then. See ya." "Bye."

As i walk back to my apartment I realised that I was in underwear and a top, with no pants, my hair is messy and i've got no make-up on. I feel my cheeks go red and I quickly go inside. I look like crap, I'm surprised he even invited me to his party. I sit down on the couch and turn the TV on. Friends is on so i decide to watch that. 

After a few episodes I get up and get properly dressed into jeans and a top. I fix my hair and put on some make-up but not much. The phone starts to ring so I run out and grabbed it. "Hello" "Hey Val, How are you?" "Hey Carter, I'm good. You?" "Good thanks. I was hoping that you would like to got to the movies with me tonight" Carter says, I can hear that he is excited to be talking to me. "I'm sooo sorry, I can't. Xavier invited me to his House warming party tonight. You can come with me if you like." "Ah, nah it's all right. I'll just catch up with you tomorrow." I could tell he was a bit jealous. He has always been a bit jealous of me and my guy friends but I would never do anything to hurt him.  "Okay then, sounds good. Have a good rest of the day." "You too. See you tomorrow babe." He hung up before i could answer him.

I put the phone back and start to get ready for the party. It takes me a very long time to get ready so I always start really early.

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