Summer love <3 or forever

Lee and Abby are bffs they do everything together. Abby is the fashionista and loves partying all night.Lee is a casual girl, she don't like makeup or she don't even try looking her best, sometimes she goes over the top with her goody goody image.
This summer Abby planned her best friend a trip to Malibu. Lee got a summer job.


7. Work day

Lee's pov

I was going to start work today, I had to look my best because this job had no uniform policy. I looked through what I had with me, the was red tank top with some ripped jeans, I quickly through them on and wore my red converses, I left my hair out letting my curly hair flow. I took the cab to work and payed him a tenner. 

"Hey you must be April, the young woman smiled she seemed in her twenties like me, she had straight hair and big brown eyes unlike mine. She looked really pretty. 

"Hey, yup that's me, but people call me Lee, April is my first name but I prefer Lee", I smiled like a freak,"Oh then let me start again hey Lee, and I didn't introduce my self I am Kate",she smiled back, I giggled, and she started laughing , she had the worst weirdest laugh but I went along with it.

>>>I got use to my job pretty fast<<<


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