Summer love <3 or forever

Lee and Abby are bffs they do everything together. Abby is the fashionista and loves partying all night.Lee is a casual girl, she don't like makeup or she don't even try looking her best, sometimes she goes over the top with her goody goody image.
This summer Abby planned her best friend a trip to Malibu. Lee got a summer job.


2. surprise !! :))

                                 Lee's pov~


Okay that is weird.I walked over to have a closer look, I peeked through the window but I didn't realise there was an glass sticking out of the edge so I cut a piece of my lip. I wasn't worried at all because I knew it was a small cut but if it was my sister Kel or Abby they would scream their heads off. Come to think of it why didn't Abby call me today, she always calls me in the morning.  I went up to the door and knocked the door but there is still no movement. After a while I got a text from my boss Lenny.



Hi, Lee you have to open up the shop today you have the extra keys :) thank you .


I rolled my eyes.Oh well I don't mind. I checked in my back pocket and found the extra key.I put the key in the key hole and twisted it and opened the door.When I stepped in the lights quickly switched on and everyone screamed "SURPRISE", I was confused why was it a surprise.Abby was the first one to come over to me.

"Happy birthday Lee your 21 now",Abby said., is today my birthday. "I am ", I replied in shock, I quickly checked my phone and realised it was the 3rd of July l,I couldn't believe why would they make a surprise birthday party for me, since I don't like my birthdays, I don't really know why.


                               Abby's pov~

Lee looked confused and I don't know how she got the cut on her lip but it looked pretty bad."I am", she replied totally looking shocked. "Yes you are,and what happened to your lip", I looked at her worried.Lee touched her lip and smiled,"Oh that, is just a little cut, and why did you do all this ,you know I don't like my birthdays",She argued. "Well you like it or not is my best friends birthday and she just turned the same age as me and we are not going without a celebration,and you should really wipe the blood on ur lip", I said.




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