Summer love <3 or forever

Lee and Abby are bffs they do everything together. Abby is the fashionista and loves partying all night.Lee is a casual girl, she don't like makeup or she don't even try looking her best, sometimes she goes over the top with her goody goody image.
This summer Abby planned her best friend a trip to Malibu. Lee got a summer job.


6. Saturday!

Lee's pov 

I found a job, I know Abby would not like the idea of me working at my holidays but hopefully I would have enough money to pay the rent for my house back home. 

I found a job, to be a waitress I had enough experiences so they agreed, I start work tomorrow.  

The last two days I have done nothing but go beach and shopping with Abbs she was having the time of her life and I was happy for her but I honestly needed money. 

"Hey, I am back from shopping", I heard Abby enter the door, it was time to tell her.

"Hey", I replied, she smiled, I smiled us smiling like that all the time was a little symbol of our friendship. 

"I need to tell you something", I carried on,"What's up, did something happen, wait you're hiding something from me say it", she looked concerned. "I need to start work over here in Malibu, is my summer job, so I can pay the rent for the house back home ", I said quickly hoping she won't be mad.

Abby's pov

My heart sunk, but I knew she needed the money so I wasn't mad, Lee looked down to her feet scared to show her face to me, I smiled, "Yeah go ahead, I know you need the money but after work your all mine", I replied, she looked at me and screamed that was her usual thing.

Lee's pov 

I couldn't believe my eyes, or shall I say ears I was just shocked seriously she was not mad. I was happy we agreed on this together she was the best !! 


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