Summer love <3 or forever

Lee and Abby are bffs they do everything together. Abby is the fashionista and loves partying all night.Lee is a casual girl, she don't like makeup or she don't even try looking her best, sometimes she goes over the top with her goody goody image.
This summer Abby planned her best friend a trip to Malibu. Lee got a summer job.


3. Party !

                                           Lee's pov~

After a while alot of people came over to me wishing me a happy birthday. Everyone started dancing and were having fun and I just slumped back in my chair and watched everyone. To be honest I never really liked being crowded, I don't mind four or five people but when is more then that I don't like it. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned back and Abby had a huge smile on her face.

 Abby's pov~

Okay now is the time I should tell Lee what I really got for her birthday I was so excited to tell her this but I don't know how she will react, So I am kinda worried. I took her hand and took her to a quite corner."Lee, iv got something for you ".


Lee's pov~

I don't know how I looked right now probably pale because I was always scared of what Abby will do. 

Flash back~

"Lee iv got something for you ", Abby said excitedly."Really what is it", I replied. Abby clapped her hands then a giant monkey entered and started jumping all over the room breaking all the furniture and the antique my gran gave me.


Flash back over ~

I had a worried look on my face."Wait Abby before anything happens", I trailed off. "It's  nothing got to do with a monkey",Abby said laughing, I took a deep breath."Okay I am ready tell me what you got me",I replied, She went through her back pocket and got something in her hand. Before anything happend I quickly covered my face with my hands  just incase nothing exploded."Lee what are you doing",Abby had a concerned look on her face. "Umm, nothing ",I said giving her a cheeky smile, I looked towards her hand and saw what she held.

Airplane tickets."What is this", trying to sound shocked, I grabbed the two tickets and saw the writing.



Landing: 6:55

"Omg, we are going to Malibu", I cheered, Abby smiled "yup, and we are going this Thursday, because I know that is when you start your summer holidays ", She said smiling, proudly . "Yeyyyeyeyeyey", we both screamed.

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