Summer love <3 or forever

Lee and Abby are bffs they do everything together. Abby is the fashionista and loves partying all night.Lee is a casual girl, she don't like makeup or she don't even try looking her best, sometimes she goes over the top with her goody goody image.
This summer Abby planned her best friend a trip to Malibu. Lee got a summer job.


5. Hotel .. :)

In the cab <

Lee's Pov

Me and Abbs had to take the cab because we did not know anyone who lived here in Malibu.The car ride made me more sick because the roads where twisted, I opened the window but that did not change anything. "We arrived maam that will be 10", the man screeched from the driver seat.


Abby's pov

I quickly payed the money because I wanted to show Lee that I can be responsible, she just stared at me while I was giving the money. I gave a little friendly glance at her and she smiled, I smiled back.It was time we go inside the five star hotel. Hello paradise.


Lee's pov

I  got my bags ready and we entered. Our room was on the 12th floor, room 18, Abby guided me the way. "Close your eyes Lee, I want it to be a surprise!", Abby said excitedly, I can imagine what can be in that room, hopefully it is not something go to do with a monkey! I shut my eyes I can feel her warm skin on my eyes lids. "Now open". I looked around finding my self in heaven, the room was covered with caramel patterns and the beds were king size I just stared in shock, I felt like screaming, so I did.

"AHHH",I screamed and started jumping on the bed.


Abby's pov

I can tell Lee was impressed. "AHHH", she screamed and started jumping on the bed, I joined her, few minutes later a woman appeared in the door way. Shoot we forgot to close the door, me and Lee stopped jumping and acted like nothing like that happened so the woman did the same. I ran and shut the door, Me and Lee started laughing our heads off, I have  a feeling that this will be the Best Summer Ever !!

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