A Dark Fall-In the Sky (Chapter 3)

Izalla is about to abducted by the dark-winged man. Will she escape from his clutches? Will she manage to uncover the secrets? This is the continuation of Curtain of Black Hair


1. A Dark Fall

                                                     A Dark Fall

It was dark. Large clouds loomed over the city of London. It was followed by the magnificent display of thunder and lightning accompanied by a downpour.

Plop! The drops fell on Izalla’s clean, shriveled face. The rain urged her to open her eyes. But she was too tired to do so. Plop!  Another drop fell on her forehead and she immediately forced herself awake.

Izalla was trapped- trapped by the black wings and the dark brown eyes with orange tint. She found herself, flying away from the city-which she was eager to reach in the cold arms of her abductor. The grip over her waist tightened and Izalla did not like it. Her cheeks were wet and yet, she could not make out whether it was the rain or her tears.

She looked at the dark-winged man who was taking her away. His grip over her was tightening.

Suddenly, the Izalla be world seemed closing in for her. Izalla could not see anything. Her little hands began groping for something. Something to feel, something to touch, something to take her mind off things. But instead, Izalla found herself breathless. She felt trapped. She wanted to be free but instead she was succumbing to this confinement.

Izalla began to push herself away from her abductor not caring for the consequences. The dark wings, the burning eyes of the man and his strange looking locket. These images were clearly imprinted in her mind. She clawed her abductor’s face but he held onto her tightly. She remained still for a moment. Flashes of rain, lightning, his eyes, wings and the locket, the closed dingy compartment and the cloud transforming played in Izalla’s mind.

Her eyes grew wild and in a moment’s fury, she freed her hands and violently pushed him away. He, surprised at the sudden attack, loosened his grip over her. Quickly, she managed to unshackle herself from his cold arms.

Before he could react, Izalla was lost from his grip and moments later, a loud thud amid the downpour was heard.

          * * * * *

Izalla opened her eyes. Her head hurt and vaguely, she knew she was surrounded by plants. There was a sound-some sort of rustling amongst the leaves.

“I’ve checked everywhere.” She heard a man’s voice. It was husky unlike her abductor’s.

“Then, I think she must’ve Apparated.” It was his voice.

Before Izalla could understand about the ‘Apparition’, she heard the two men take off.

Izalla lay on the damp ground in the middle of the damp corn field. Her body ached and she made no attempt to move. She remained still, thinking.

Who knew that a normal day would end up like this? A seemingly normal train ride would make way for a shocking revelation, she thought. Who knew that I’d almost get kidnapped?

Izalla managed to sit up. She realized that she was still clutching onto something- it was his locket.

Must’ve grabbed it while I tried to wriggle myself free, she felt.

She looked at it carefully. It carried a triangle shaped pendant with a trident placed in the middle accompanied by a sun-like feature on the top. For a moment, she felt it was alien but the next moment, she gasped with fright almost throwing it away. It resembled the hieroglyph on the window in the train.

Izalla took a deep breath trying to calm down. She returned to the ornament and found it to be a clue. A clue- that might uncover the secrets of the cloud.  A clue- that might uncover the identity of the couple on the train. A clue- that might uncover the identity of the kidnapper. A clue- that might uncover the fact why her father hasn’t come to her rescue yet.

Izalla wiped her wet cheeks and realized that it was silent all around. There wasn’t any downpour, neither thunder nor lightning. She turned to the sky. There wasn’t a single cloud to be seen. It was clear.






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