Nothing like before

A poem for a girl who knows who she is. I hope you all like it.


1. Nothing like before


Alas sister, oldest friend,

The years have flown by.

And seeing as it’s been so long,

I had to drop in to say 'hi'.


I wonder if you remember me,

As you shine on the dance floor?

I certainly remember you, dearest

And you’re nothing like before.


Do you recall those forgotten days?

My dress stained, your hat tattered

Our shoes forgotten, hair windswept and tangled,

But none of this seemed to have mattered


I remember you skipping up to those girl,

And asking if we could perhaps play.

But the girls sniggered and smirked and joked

And told you to go away.



They laughed in your once joyful face,

‘Do you really think we’d let you join it?

Just look at your feet! Your hair! And that hat!

Where did you get it, a bin?’


I remember from that awful day onwards

The shine in your eyes closed down

You slapped on makeup, fancy clothes

Too hide your tears and frown.


For now, my friend, if you cry,

No one has to care,

‘Cos your mascara’s waterproof

And your foundation will never wear.


And if your heart is broken,

No one has to see,

Because you keep it in a padlocked box

And you’ve thrown away the key


But now, old friend, dearest sister

I have to sit and laugh,

Because those people hanging on your every word

Cannot see through your mask.


But I want you know I see past the makeup,

The lipstick, the 5 star act,

And beneath it I see a beautiful young girl

Wearing a tattered hat,


The girl is singing and dancing,

The wind tangling her auburn hair,

Her dress is stained, her feet are shoeless

But the little girl doesn’t care.

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