P.S. I love you. (Letters from Zayn)

Zayn and Alice have been bestfriends since they were little kids. They had a 'tradition' kind of thing to write each other letters. Over the years, they fall in love, Zayn joins a band and becomes famous, both of them decide to part their ways. But in the end, their love reunites and they continue living their life with each other till the end.


2. Chapter 1 :)



Alice: 8 years old.

Zayn: 9 years old.




Dear Zayn,

I already miss you! Even though it's very nice here in California, it's nothing compared to Bradford. Mum told me that you will visit us every year and I was so happy to know that! I can't wait for you to come and meet me. There is a huge park right next to my house. Oh did I tell you we have a very big garden and a swimming pool which has an odd shape? Never mind, you will really love it here!

Mum says it’s always nice to ask ‘how are you’, so, how are you Zayn? I hope you are fine. We are good too. Just missing Bradford a lot!

How are Waliyha and Doniya? And Mrs. Malik? Tell them I miss them too. Let your sisters know that when we next time, I’m going shopping with them!

I didn’t like the airplane ride that much. Even though I slept most of the time, I found it uncomfortable. It was really noisy and it blocked my ears!

My hands are getting tired from writing now. So, write back to me as soon as you can!

Bye-bye Zaynie



P.S. (Mum said you write it when you have to say something else after you’ve ended the letter)

I love you!






Zayn: 9 years old.

Alice: 8 years old.





Dear Alice,


We are good! I hope you are fine too. I told Waliyha and Doniya that you wanted to go shopping and they laughed at me saying that you’re a little kid. I don’t get it. They are kids too! Aren’t they? I don’t know.


Anyways, I never liked airplanes too! And I had the same problems that you did. Weird, right? Maybe not I guess.


I can’t believe we will be visiting you in 4 months! I have already begun the countdown. I’m so happy that you liked California. But everything is so boring without you here. I wish you didn’t go! Never mind, I’m glad we will keep meeting each other every year!


Wow. California is so far away. I bet the journey was too long. I can’t believe that this little piece of paper will go all the way from Bradford to California. I hope nothing happens to this though.


I have to go now. Mum is calling. Say a massive hello from me to Mrs. Green and cuddle with Poodles for me. I miss that little fur ball!


Write back soon.


Bye-bye Allie!


Lots of love,



P.S. I love you! (See I did that too! It’s really cool!)

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