He Promised Me Love

Sarah never asked for anything mostly because she never thought much of anything. The only things Sarah actually likes are her family, friends, and pets. Sarah's love life was never really a love life but then She meets the new exchange student Niall Horan who turns her whole life around.


2. Talk About DRAMA

Niall's POV

     Today is my second day as an exchange student. I really liked Sarah as a friend mostly because it's a bit to early to start developing a crush but I definitely had a soft spot for her. Hopefully she feels the same way about me as well. There may be a future between us that will grow in to a beautiful rose. Since when do I think like that?

     The school day was as normal as ever but after school is what made this day terrible. As I exited the school I ran into the last person I wanted to talk to. Stacy and her friends. Just great.

     "Hey." Stacy says batting her eyes as she walks over to me. She was acting flirty like always. She is honestly as annoying as one of those small dogs that bark all the freaking time. Sure I've only known her for a day but I can tell. 

     I sighed and turned around faking a smile. "Hello." I said to her. Her friends were giggling like crazy.

     "You didn't call me last night." She pouted making a puppy dog face.

     "I was busy working on my project with Sarah." I replied.

     "Why would you hang with her? She is so ugly and fat. She's hasn't even had her first kiss yet which is why I told everyone that Sarah is a virgin as soon as I found out. Aren't I amazing? So wanna be my boyfriend?" She asked me as she started to move closer to me.

     Did she really just say that to my face? Did she really just ask me out? I think we all know my answer to this question?

     "No." I answered smirking. Stacy's face was priceless.

     "What was that?" She said backing me in to a wall. I was getting nervous.

     "No." I firmly said again.

     Next thing I know her lips were on mine. She licked my bottom lip begging for entrance and I denied. "I like a challenge." She stated against my lips. She again kissed me and some how forced her tongue into my mouth. As soon as that happened I grabbed her and pulled her away. 

     "Okay listen. I don't like you. I could care less about you. You and I will never happen. So leave me alone. I have an eye for some one else." I say to her.

     "You just wait Niall Horan because one day you will see who the better option is. Oh by the way Sarah is watching." Stacy cackled.

     Then I saw Sarah. Stacy's friends were holding her out of earshot so she saw when Stacy had backed me in to a wall. The look on Sarah's face was sheer sadness and regret. She broke away from Stacy's friends and ran away crying. I chased after her and found her crying by the willow tree by the school. 

     "Why don't you go be with your new girlfriend I'm sure she is so much better to hang out with than the virgin I am." she sniffled. 

     "I told you yesterday Stacy isn't my type. Stacy forcefully kissed me against my own will I swear. And if anything I would pick a you over her any day." I said as i sat down next to her and put my arm around her.

     "Really?" Sarah asked nuzzling up to me.

     "I promise." I said.

     I looked in to her big chocolate  brown eyes and I stroked her light brown hair. I began to lean in and she did the same. Just as our lips were about to meet Stacy came and ruined it for us..


     "You know what Stacy? I am tired of you and the drama you cause. First, you steal my diary and read it finding out all of my secrets including the fact that I haven't even had my first kiss yet and that I'm a virgin. Then, you tell the whole school everything. So what if I'm a virgin what's so bad about waiting till marriage. But apparently it's makes me an "attention seeker". Also, Niall would never be your boyfriend so stop stalking him." Sarah blurted out. It caused Stacy stomp away. And trust me Stacy was pissed off.

      Sarah plopped down next to me again but this time she flashed her beautiful smile. We leaned in again and finally our lips met. I licked her bottom lip for entrance which she granted. At that moment everything was perfect and nothing felt like it could go wrong. Sarah pulled away and stood up. 

     "Wanna work on the project together again today at my place?" I asked.

     "Sure." Sarah answered. I grabbed her hand and headed in the direction of my house. Looks like our relationship started sooner then I planned.

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