He Promised Me Love

Sarah never asked for anything mostly because she never thought much of anything. The only things Sarah actually likes are her family, friends, and pets. Sarah's love life was never really a love life but then She meets the new exchange student Niall Horan who turns her whole life around.


1. Niall Horan

Sarah's POV

     I was getting ready to head for biology. I quietly opened my locker and picked up my books hoping that there wouldn't be any drama. "Hey sorry about the stain on your shirt." Stacy the popular girl who hates my guts said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked turning around. That was a big mistake. Stacy purposely threw her hot chocolate on me. 

"Opps." She smirked as she walked away.God I hated her. I grabbed my hoodie out of my locker and headed to the bathroom. Once there I took off my shirt and slipped on my hoodie. i walked out and bumped into some one. 

"Oh god I'm so sorry." A boy with a cute irish accent says. 

"No harm done," I ensured him. 

"I'm Niall by the way. Niall Horan." He introduced himself.

"Sarah." I said finally looking at him. Niall had these magnificent blue eyes and blonde hair with bits of brown in it. I couldn't stop staring and I may have began drooling if he hadn't interupted my thoughts. 

"Do you know where the biology room is?" He asked.

"Yea in fact I'm going there right now." I answered him. We walked down to biology together and thankfully we didn't arrive late. I sat down at my desk as the teacher introduced Niall to the entire class. I saw Stacy making google eyes at him but hey who wouldn't. 

The teacher sat Niall down by me since I didn't have a lab partner. "Today's project will be discussing what your report will be with your partner to decide on a topic to work on. Your topics must be from the previous lessons from which we have studied over. Niall your partner is expected to help you go through the lessons and decide on the topic that works best for you. This project is due in three weeks. Class you may start working now." The teacher said and everyone got to work.

Niall and I went through the lessons and soon came across something he was familiar with. This happened to be my favorite lesson as well. Ocean biology.

Once the school bell rang it signaled that school ended and we could go home. Niall followed me to my locker and suggested going to his house to work on the project. I agreed to but thats when Stacy decided to walk over by us. 

"Hi Niall most people call me Stacy, but you can call me tonight." She chided handing Niall her number. "It's best to stay away from the bad crowd." Stacy said as she eyed me. 

"Thanks but I think Can manage myself fine." Niall answered while handing her back her number. I couldn't help but smile. Stacy just got rejected by the hottest guy in the school. Wait did i just think that. 

"Keep it just in case you have any questions." She said batting her eyes and twirling her hair. She winked at Niall gave me a glare a glare and then sashayed off to her friends.

"Who is she exactly?" Niall asked with a confused look on his face.

"She's Stacy the popular mean girl who likes any hot guy and dates him and she hates my guts. Her current crush is well you." I answer him.

"She is so not my type way too make up and she is mean to you so she is a definite no." Niall says which makes me laugh. "Say who is your crush?" He asks me as we head out of the school. 

"Me I don't have one." I lied. My crush was him but I didn't want him to know that.

"Sure you don't." He replied.

We arrived at his house and headed up to his room. I grabbed a biology book that was on his desk and began to skim through it. I couldn't concentrate because Niall being himself began to goof off and i couldn't stop laughing. My crush on him kept gradually increasing by the second. Time began to fly and soon I left to go home. We accomplished absolutely no work. 

The whole way home I never stopped thinking about Niall Horan.

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