He Promised Me Love

Sarah never asked for anything mostly because she never thought much of anything. The only things Sarah actually likes are her family, friends, and pets. Sarah's love life was never really a love life but then She meets the new exchange student Niall Horan who turns her whole life around.


5. more trouble

Sarah's POV

     I was able to go home and pack some things for my "stay" at Niall's house. I grabbed my journal knowing I had written in it basically every day of my teenage years so this could hold some valuable information on what's happened in the past couple of years that I can't remember. Stacy and I actually used to be good friends but one day she just started to be a total jerk to me and I don't even know what I did wrong to be honest.

     We had returned to Niall's home and to my surprise he lived alone. He explained to me that he was an exchange student and that he lived in this temporary home that some science facility was funding to test how a teenager reacts to living alone. Basically they're seeing if he goes to school or not and once a week a scientist comes and checks out the place to see if everything seems to be okay.

     The doorbell rang out of no where. Niall face gave way to a puzzled look. "He came just three days ago." Niall muttered to himself as he went to answer the door. This obviously meant that it wasn't the scientist. So if its not the scientist then who?

    "Niall darling how are you I've missed you." I knew that voice. I have to hide now. I quietly slipped into the nearest room which turned out to be the guest bedroom. I then slipped under the bed and prayed that she wouldn't find me. My hopes begin to decline as the door began to open and giggling started to bounce around the room.

     Some one was shoved on to the bed. Crap i need to get out of her but I need to not be seen. Where's an invisibility cloak when you need it. "Stacy you're  a stalker you know that." I heard Niall say. Wow a guy actually hates Stacy. Did not see that coming.

    "And you're sexy you must be mine not Sarah's that girl is nothing compared to me," Stacy insulted me for the last time. I crawled out from the bed and grabbed Stacy's fake high lights but before I could throw her out she managed to fling me on the couch.

     "You've been in my way for the last time!" Stacy yelled in my face. Oh she has no idea what I'm going to do to her. I couldn't hide my grin.

Niall's POV

     Stacy had Sarah pinned against the wall but Sarah was smiling. Suddenly Stacy was flung towards the couch. Not wanting things to get broken I grabbed Stacy and slightly pushed her out of door. "What did you do that for I was just about to kick her ass literally and beat her up." Sarah pouted.

     "Sorry but I didn't want things to get out of hand." I said calmly. God I wish Sarah would remember when we kissed and maybe we could do it again if she only remembered. 

     "Niall what's wrong? You aren't telling me something." Sarah asked. I couldn't take it any longer . I grabbed her face and kissed her in one sudden movement. I kissed her with so much passion and longing. I was worried about how her reaction would be though. To my surprise she kissed back it took her a while but she finally kissed back. 

      "Wow." I said when we pulled away. It was all I could muster and it just said it all.

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