He Promised Me Love

Sarah never asked for anything mostly because she never thought much of anything. The only things Sarah actually likes are her family, friends, and pets. Sarah's love life was never really a love life but then She meets the new exchange student Niall Horan who turns her whole life around.


4. Memory Loss

Niall's POV

    I entered Sarah's hospital room. I couldn't believe people at school had done this to her. And to think Stacy and Emily had started it. I was disgusted by them. Just because Sarah didn't cry out in pain. "Who are you? where am I?" Sarah asked. 

"You're in the hospital." I answered her.

"Why?" She asked again.

"Because some people decided it was a good to kick you until you were passed out." I answered her.

"Who are you?" She asked. That question just broke my heart.

"I'm Niall your best friend for now at least." I said tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I can't believe she forgot who I was. I'm her first kiss and her best friend and hopefully her soon to be boyfriend. 

"I don't know a Niall." Sarah said. My heart turn to dust. 

     The doctor came in. "Ahh You're awake thats good." He said. He checked his chats and wrote something down. 

"She doesn't remember me." I cried to the doctor.

"Yea about that she lost her memory in the process she doesn't remember much just watch. Sarah what's the last thing you remember?" The doctor asked. 

"I remember a girl stealing my journal and reading it to the whole school last week." Sarah admitted. 

"How long ago did that happen?" The doctor asked.

"Over 2 years ago from what I heard." I said.

 "Oh dear. Well she can go home now but her memory won't be back for a while or it might never return." He said.

Sarah's POV

     The blonde boy Niall was driving me some where i don't know though. I'm apparently 17 now but I last remember being 15. I lost my memory and I can't remember anything all that clearly that happened before that horrible moment in my life. 

     Soon we arrived some where but I don't know where. The place seemed familiar but even I don't know for sure. "Welcome to my home." Niall said. 

     He must've known that I live alone most of the time my parents are out of town and when they are in town they are never home. Ever since I've turned thirteen they've been away for business so I barely ever see them.

   Niall and I walked in the house and I was still exhausted so I just passed out on the sofa in the living room....

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