He Promised Me Love

Sarah never asked for anything mostly because she never thought much of anything. The only things Sarah actually likes are her family, friends, and pets. Sarah's love life was never really a love life but then She meets the new exchange student Niall Horan who turns her whole life around.


3. bumps and bruises

Sarah's POV

    When I got home from working on my project with Niall I was doing my snoopy happy dance. I was so happy that Niall had kissed me. But he also kissed Stacy. Wait no Stacy kissed him. She didn't like my little outburst I had. She also didn't like the kiss me and Niall shared. School tomorrow is going to be hell.

*****************************************************************NEXT DAY**********************************************************************************************

     When I got to school everyone was whispering and pointing at me. "Omg attention seeker she's still a virgin and just had her first kiss like omg look at what she is wearing also I mean it looks like some one ran over them in the mud and she is so ugly like who would even like to hug her." I heard a girl say. 

    "You know I almost pity you except I don't hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" Stacy laughed at my face throwing her piping hot latte on me yet again. My skin began to burn but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of hearing my cry of pain. Stacy and her best friend Emily (Who also crushed on Niall) were very pissed off about that. Stacy grabbed my hair and threw me down to the floor and Emily began to kick my rib cage.

     I felt some others join in kicking my stomach and even some aimed at my face. I saw so many faces and the last face I saw before I blacked out was Niall's shocked expression.

Niall's POV

     I was walking down the school hallway when I saw a big crowd. When curiosity took over I began to feel myself walking towards the crowd. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Sarah passed out bruises every where on her delicate body. I saw Stacy and her friend start walking towards me. 

     "Why Niall babe come on why don't we go some where more private." Stacy whispered in my ear placing her hands on my neck trying to pull me down for a kiss. My face was turning red with anger.

     "Get it through your head that you and I will never have a future together so leave me alone!" I shouted running to Sarah. I picked her up and she groaned in pain. "Shhhhh everything is going to be okay.' I whispered in her ear as I carried her to my car. I buckled her in to the front seat and first bell began to ring. I got in the front seat of my car and began to drive to the hospital.

     We arrived at the hospital and I carried Sarah in. "Help she's unconscious and she's in need of help!" I cried out Soon nurses came and took her away. I wanted to go with them but they didn't let me. I ended up slipping on some wet floor and hit my head on the floor which gave me a slight bump. I wish Sarah was here.

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