All i remember is waking to the smell of smoke. I couldn't remember anything past that I was dying. All I wanted was to remember what I was doing and what I lost before I died, and now I am Death's slave......I think the correct phrase is what the hell?


2. the Dead Sure are Lively

Now it’s my turn to laugh. After a few minutes of busting my gut, I look up to see Death very unhappy. Shit….I’m dead. Wait I’m already dead er, undead. I stand up straight and try to wipe the grin off my face, but I fail anyways.

 “Done yet?” he crosses his arms.
“For now.” I shrug, his favorite thing to do. His head he reaches into his pocket for something. He pulls out a cylinder. A rush of adrenaline and fear rushes through me for no reason. He hands it to me. It feels warm, like a part of me.
“Think about it extending.” His voice says behind me. I spin to ask him about what he means but he’s not there. I think about what he says and the cylinder shoots out and grows a blade. I stare at it.
“You gave me a scythe?” I ask him.
“You are a reaper aren’t you?” he asks.
“I guess. “
“You guess or you know?” he rubs his chin.
“I am what I am, now how do I use this?” he facepalms and sighs.
“Alright! To the basics of being a reaper/my slave.” He says floating up straight.

After the sun had set he stopped talking and closed up.
“So remember, if it lives and breathes, kill it when it pisses you off.” He finishes.
“Is that before or after I kick it in the crotch?” I raise my hand.
“Either time is fine. Quick question! If a human girl spots you and her lover together, what do you do?”
“Kill them both in some tragic accident or suicide?”
“Only as a last resort.” He nods.
“I think I have it now. Where do we go from here?” I ask as he floats down to me.
“Simple, to the underworld, boss will have an assignment. You’re lucky; this was my last day in the area. If this was tomorrow you would have gone to the limbo.”
“I see, how do we get to the Underworld?” is my next question.
“With your scythe, all you do is cut a temporary hole in the space time continuum. Nothing big.” He shrugs.
“So cut a hole…” I say quietly. I raise my scythe and cut downwards. A purple hole opens up and I peer in.
“Let’s go!” he says. I feel his hands on my back and then I’m falling. Screaming I shut my eyes and plunge into the purple abyss.

“You can open your eyes now.” A tired voice says boredly.
“Huh? Are we in the Underworld?” I ask opening my eyes.
“Close, I guess this is your room, pretty classy.” He whistles. My eyes are open and I’m floating above a bed. As soon as I realize it I fall face first into the bed.
“My room?” I ask. I look around. It is pretty classy with the dark blue walls and bookshelves on that line them. A closet with open doors is on the wall across from the bed. Looking in I see rows upon rows of clothing and shoes. Large windows and plants surround me; one catches my eye in particular. A small cactus in a silver wire cage, cool.  A purple laptop sits on a grey desk while flashing Welcome to your new home__________. Please find a name before we continue.  Right, need a name.
“For now, but at the moment, let’s take you to the boss!” He practically yells. He grabs my hand and drags me out the door. We end up outside an apartment building, a run down one at that.
“Sorry if it’s a bit grungy, no one’s really home to clean it up.” He says. He takes me past streets and food. I think I was obsessed with food before because now I’m hungry. I dig my heels in the ground until we stop.
“What’s up slave?”
“I want food.” I say pointing at the vendors.
“No, we’re going to go meet the boss.” He says crossing his arms.
“Yes, I’m hungry and it smells good. Get me some.”
“I’m the master remember?”
“Well then master,” I say sarcastically,
“Get me food!” I demand.
“Fine, fine, fine, food for the slave whatever.” He throws his hands up and walks to the vendor.

“Ah Death good to see you again, who’s this?” a large man with an equally big moustache asks the man who refers to me as his slave.
“Likewise, this is my new slave!” he smiles and gestures to me.
“Well welcome to the Underworld, what’s your name?” he holds one hand out and a skeletal arm is drawn out to signal that I have to look at the rest of the area around us.
“I don’t remember my name but nice to meet you Mr.?” I put my hand in his.
“Just call me Skelly! So you’re an amni huh? You’re not the only one, you just so happen to get picked up by the guy who created this place.”
“Ok, Death I want that.” I point to the hunk of meat on a stick.”
“HAHA for a slave she sure is bossy.” Skelly laughs loudly.
“My tummy is making noises and it smells delicious.” I say leaning into to stand.
“Take it, on the house. Just promise to come by more often.” He says. I nod and grab the stick.
“And now we go to the boss!” Death says grabbing my hand and dragging me off.
“Bye Skelly.” I smile.  
“Get a name and tell me!” he calls.
“So clueless aren’t you?” he smirks.
“I could be worse.” I shrug. Hn maybe I should figure a name out.

“Hey Death?” I tug on his sleeve.
“What is it now slave?” he asks tiredly.
“When can I get a name?” I look up at him.
“Later, we have other things to do.”  Nodding I start looking around to see what is going on.

The Underworld is a lot happier and brighter than I expected. Although the people looked as they died (some are rotting) they look amazing. I wonder if that’s normal to look at a gruesome rotting corpse and think they look good for their age. It seems every wall is bright beige and the buildings are twisted around and contorted to different shapes and sizes.  The inhabitants are about the same. Some are pretty and look like porcelain others have their insides falling out and are rotting. A few still have bullet holes and some knives sticking out of their heads.  

“Hey, hey it’s the big man himself. What’s up Azrael? Who’s this little bird?” a shadowy figure creeps in front of us.
“What is it Ördög?” Death rolls his eyes. The shadow sighs and changes into a man with goat’s legs and a ponytail.
“I was wondering who this little bird is that’s all.” Ördög says innocently.
“She is none of your concern and please don’t call me that name. I really hate it.” Death glares at the faun.
“Oh come on! That was hilarious how we made humans think there was one god instead of many!” Ördög laughs.
“It was a stupid prank; now go make sure the souls are being punished accordingly.” Death orders.
“Righto bye little bird, tell me your name later!” Ördög waves and disappears.
“I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about it?” I ask him
“Ding, Ding! We have a winner!” he retorts.
“You know, I might have respect for you yet.” I walk backwards.
“How so and you should always respect your master slave.”
“There you go again, when you ordered him you had a pissed off tone and you were serious. Now you just sound childish.”
“I like being childish, when you treat everything as a game you soon have to find new ways of entertaining yourself.”
“Am I a game?”
“No but you are interesting. Now respect your master!” I sigh. His boss better be good or I might just go insane.
“I’m tired of walking, let’s transport.” He pulls out a scythe with a huge black blade and a silver skull on the top. Cutting a hole he walks through pulling me along. Instead of falling we walk in front of a huge building with scythes, skulls, bones, and a pink pony gratified on the side.
“Dammit! I told those punks to not draw fucking ponies on my wall! I gave that wall to the punks who draw inappropriate pictures!” Death rages in front of the pony.
“What the hell is it anyways? It’s got a balloon on its ass! Whatever! Let’s go see the boss.” He grabs me and starts to drag me into the building. The door slams open to reveal a large silhouette
“Welcome Death and Death’s slave!” Goddammit, I need a name.


*A/N: Eh? Eh? Waddya think? It’s still in the editing mode so watch out! What will happen next? Will our mysterious heroine finally get a name? Who is the boss? Why am I having too much fun with a subject of death and the afterlife? Frankly my dears, I don’t know myself, I lost my sanity years ago. :D JOIN US NEXT TIME \(*O*)/

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