All i remember is waking to the smell of smoke. I couldn't remember anything past that I was dying. All I wanted was to remember what I was doing and what I lost before I died, and now I am Death's slave......I think the correct phrase is what the hell?


1. The Beginning to an End

“Let’s go! She’s getting away!” a person next to me yells. Male, in his late 40s, brown hair.
“Step on it, we can’t lose her!” someone behind me yells. Female, mid 40s, blonde hair. I do as I am told, I press all the way down and we shoot even further down the road.
“We have to get Izzy, we have to!” a little boy cries out. I don’t have to look back, I know this one. Little boy 3 years old, strapped into his little car seat crying and hugging his stuffed animal. A figure gets on top of the car in front of us through the top. Female, under 18, long blonde hair whipping around her face.
“IZZY!” the boy cries.
“Hurry up!” the woman snaps.
“We have to catch up with her. My baby needs me!” she cries.
“Can’t this thing go any faster? Why did she go with them? We would do anything for her to be safe. I should have gone!” the man slams his fist on the dashboard. The boy and I have the same thought. She left for……. I can’t remember why but she does not think like the rest of us.
“We’re going as fast as we can go without crashing.” I hear what must be me.
“Then go faster if you can!” the woman pounds on the backseat like an impatient child. Only she doesn’t demand candy or a new toy, she demands obedience. 
“If we go faster, we’re going to crash and we’ll never get her back.” I spit back. I see Izzy take something out of her pocket. A cylinder of some sort, with a lit match at the end; she lights it and I see her grin malevolently as she pulls the object back. It’s an old fashion stick of dynamite. I feel my eyes go wide as I try to ease us to stop. The man takes notice and puts his arms on me.
“Go FASTER OR GET OUT!” he says opening the door somehow and pushing me out as the stick hits the car. A flash, a boom, and it’s over. Nothing*


Smoke, that’s all I smell. No wait, there’s more. Something that sends shivers and goosebumps down my spine, something that only needs one word to describe it. Death. That’s what it is. I try to lift my head up, but no avail, I’m stuck. I try to think back to what I was doing or how I got here but, I can’t remember. I turn my head to where I smell smoke, but all I see is a large object engulfed in bright orange flames. I should feel warm, but I feel so cold, like I lost something or someone important. I want to think, to remember, but I’m so tired. I, I think I’m not going to wake up if I close my eyes. I wish I could live long enough to know what I lost. Maybe in another life I will, for, now I’m going to sleep.


I awaken to a cold hard ground beneath me. Concrete. I wonder where I am. A car, a chase of some sort as well.  Looking up at the clouds overhead seem dark and dead in a way. A pounding erupts in my head. Damn did I get hit by a truck or something? No wonder why I sound like a dunce. Fog settles and lifts before I feel another presence next to me. I turn my head to see a teenage boy clad in black looking up at the sky with his hands behind his head. He looks pretty good actually; maybe he’s in the same situation I’m in.  Sensing that I’m staring at him, he looks at me and smiles wryly.

“Oh, you’re awake? Good, I thought I messed up for a second that would have been terrible.”  
“Where are we?” Man am I out of it or what?  
“Hmm? Oh we’re at the place you died.” He says looking closely at the clouds. Dead, great, that’s plenty of information. All the information I need.
“What happened? I can’t remember anything.” I say. He turns towards me now, one elbow propping his head up and his hand cups my chin.
“And that my darling is why we’re here. You were involved with someone, no something extremely dangerous.” He pauses in thought.
“Well, it’s dangerous to you now.” Wonderful I’m dead and something still wants me.
“Do you know anything about me like a name perhaps?” I say hopefully. He smiles with closed eyes. Not good.
“Yes, but I won’t tell you.” He sings. He floats up and leaves me lying on my back. I watch as he floats around me. I may not have any memories but I can still remember what a douchbag acts like.
“Why won’t you tell me my name?” I ask.  He turns on his stomach, still in the air and rests his head in his arms.
“It’s not that I won’t tell you, it’s I can’t.  Sorry, it’s the rules.” He shrugs. He tilts his head to the side.
“Why don’t you try getting up?” he asks. I look at him.
“I didn’t think of it, I feel heavy though, like a-“
“Like a dead body right?” he finishes. I nod.
“Yeah.” He floats down to me and holds out his hands.
“Try putting your hands in mine.” He says. I lift my hands and put them in his. He pulls me up to where I’m standing on my feet.
“There you go. That dead body feeling won’t go away but you’ll get used to it.” He shrugs as he floats away. I take a couple of wobbly steps as I get used to walking again.
“Is it like getting used to being dead?” I ask him, he stops in mid-air.
“The thing is, you’re not dead.” He says slowly.
“So I’m still-“  
“Nor are you still alive. One could ask if we even exist.” He says continuing on.
“So what am I?” I ask looking up towards him.
“We.” He turns to me.
“Are undead.” He says as it’s the simplest thing in the world.
“Undead?”  Maybe I’m alive and I’m still dreaming. Or maybe he’s just insane. Yeah that’s it I have been kidnapped by an asylum escapee and I’m being punk’d. 
“Yup and no you are not dreaming and or being kidnapped.” He smiles even bigger. Damn him for enjoying my confusion.
“Dead in the body sense, but alive in the soul sense. That dead body feeling is the left over feeling of your remains in the mortal world. You look completely different than before. Better in fact.” He says.
“I don’t even remember what I looked like back then. Can’t remember anything not even my name, remember that little piece of information I gave you?” I ask. He shrugs again and a portal opens up next to me. A teenage girl sits under a tree reading a big book as other kids her age run around her and talk. She wears baggy clothes, glasses that take up her face, messy brown hair, big black boots, and a shy aura surrounds her.

“That’s me?” I ask turning towards the boy.
“Was you, turn towards your right.” He waves off. I look to my right and a tan girl with dark grey eyes and a curvy body. My hair is in two messy white braids while the top of my head is a little bit poufy. I’m wearing a black long sleeved poufy shirt with ruffles down the front and a pair of short shorts. I have on a pair of scrunched up high heeled boots and white gloves.

“How I did not notice this before is beyond me.” I mumble in awe of what I’m wearing.
“In truth, this body is a lot like your mortal one. You just have better clothes.” He indicates at my body. I look up at him.
“Have you been stalking me or something?” I glare. He looks the other way and whistles. Damn him, damn him to hell. At least I remember I like to swear, more information than he’s given me.
“I’m still confused of why I’m here.” I say befuddled. His face lights up and he snaps his fingers.
“I knew I was forgetting something!” he says.
“What?” he turns towards me with a finger in my face.
“From this point on, you are a reaper and my servant.” He says excitedly. I cock a brow. I am a what now? It’s official my afterlife sucks, I hope whatever god is busting their gut now so I don’t have that much work when I kick his liver out.
“Thanks for the update that I already have someone that I have to serve the first few minutes that I’m dead.”
“No problem!” he smiles. Realizing I still don’t know the douchebag’s name, I nearly facepalm. Great I’m dead, have no memory, and I’m an idiot.
“And you are?” he throws his head back and laughs. Putting his face in front of mine he grins and breathes in. His breath smells like chocolate and his eyes are a deep red. Huh, red eyes and chocolate breath, if that’s not a warning my afterlife is going to be full of weirdness and confusion then I don’t know what is.
“I, my slave, am Death.”


*A/N: The bold will make sense later on as the story progresses. I’m not sorry that this is a mindfuck, that’s just what I’ll do. I’m editing the first few chapters so it can make some sense, that and some of it is redundant and stupid. 

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