Feathered Heart

Troublemaker Courtney is having doubts about the love her parents have for her. She starts slipping away. One night at a party she is offered a joint when a young boy approaches her and knocks the joint away from her.
The boy, Charlington, helps her turn her life around and find the better things in life. Her relationship with her parents are stronger than ever and her grades in school couldn't be better. But when Courtney gets the news of her parents having to move, how will Courtney cope life with Charlington?


2. Preface



   It’s never easy being alive. You go through so many trials. Heart brake, divorce, death, birth, love. But out of all of those you get an experience. An experience, which you learn from. You’ll never forget. And you’ll look back and wonder why. Sometimes the answer is expectant, sometimes it’s something no one would of ever expected. And sometimes you’ll never know why.


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