Feathered Heart

Troublemaker Courtney is having doubts about the love her parents have for her. She starts slipping away. One night at a party she is offered a joint when a young boy approaches her and knocks the joint away from her.
The boy, Charlington, helps her turn her life around and find the better things in life. Her relationship with her parents are stronger than ever and her grades in school couldn't be better. But when Courtney gets the news of her parents having to move, how will Courtney cope life with Charlington?


3. Chapter 1 Wild At Heart

“So Courtney? You gonna go cliff diving with us?”

Bristen asked popping a mint in her mouth. I shrugged my shoulders,

“What time?” Bristen smiled,

“Midnight. A couple of other people are going with us and some of those people are really cute boys, so wear something cute.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Why exactly would I want to dress in something cute? Like tulips and birds on a shirt?”

I leaned against the car in the parking lot. She laughed,

“You know my definition of cute.” I winked,

“I got it.” She flipped her hair behind her shoulder.

“There’s my ride.” She gestured towards a boy across the parking lot leaning against a shiny red car.

“See Ya toots.” She left my car and walked over to the boy, lifting her shirt up to show her back and stomach. I laughed and opened the drivers seat.

“Desperate.” I shoved the keys in the ignition and yanked the seatbelt over my chest and buckled it. I rolled the windows down and put my sunglasses on. Turning up the radio I pulled out of the parking lot. Everyone looked at me as I drove by them. I smiled at the power and satisfaction it brought me.

 The wind blew through my hair as I sped down the highway. The smell of rain overwhelmed my car. I rolled up the window. It brought back bad memories that I wanted to ignore for the rest of my life.

 I pulled up to the house and parked my car in front. I walked up the many concrete steps and opened the door.

 “I’m home!” I slammed the door behind me and pulled my sunglasses up over my head. No response.

“Hello Courtney. How was your day at school?” Jonathan, our butler walked out of the front room. I sighed,

“It was school. Boring.” He nodded his head as he took my bag. I walked through the grand entrance and walked up the staircase to the upstairs loft. I sat on the couch and sighed. I lifted up my foot started un-strapping my sandals.


I turned around from the couch and looked at Jonathan.

“John, please call me Courtney.” He smiled,

“Your snack is ready to be served.” I nodded my head and he walked back down the stairs. I picked up my sandals and walked up the second flight of stairs to the third floor. I walked across the hall and opened up the two big doors.

 I walked into the room and went to the big door across the room. I opened it and walked into the big closet. I set the sandals in a cubby on the wall and walked out. I shut the door and made my way back downstairs. I walked into the large kitchen and saw a plate on the counter. I sat at the island and ate my snack. I picked at the cheese on the crackers.

“Miss. Courtney. Your parents left a note for you.” Jonathan walked towards the island and laid the note on the counter. He smiled and walked out. I picked up the note and read it.


Your mother and I have left on a business trip on a late notice. We’ve filled your bank account with some money so you may shop as you please. We apologize for not being able to kiss you goodbye.

~Your Father

I sighed and threw the note across the table. He never even said love.

 I scooted my chair from the island and pushed it back in; more like shoved it. The sqeaking of the chair made me flinch. My feet pattered against the hard tile of the kitchen floor as I angrily stormed to the back porch. 






Author's Note


So like I said it wasn't the longest thing in the world so maybe you could give me feed back? Thanks ( : !!!

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