hope you enjoy..............


2. but how i fell in love

as we were singing we got a chance to meet one direction as we were in Austria we were shifted to united kingdom (London)we were very surprised as i was very new to know about this place for us we just loved that place like any thing as i am a good reader and i love to read story books while reading the book i bandaged into zayn all my books fell from my hand and behind those i found a directioner i didnt know because i was not intrested in all this singers or any famous people i said"im so soory im too clumsy bang into u " its all fine he replied all my frndz zayn?i saw ya so.......zayn" him in love with u he says to u and u r shyyour frndz l-l-l-love zayn what do u say yes or no u r like yes and shy........................

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