Dreaming Fire

Sam moves in with her Mom and step mom and meets a boy named Matthew, after mixed signals and a secret that he can't tell her, she moves on and meets two different boys named Nate and Jack. At first she thinks her feelings for Nate our real turns to Jack. But will jealousy get the best of them and Matthew will brake the treaty? Will Sam have to choose the people she loves or will she choose her friendships? On the way she learns supernatural secrets from her main source, Jack; and learns that her everyday world, is never what it seems. She finds out the people she thought of neighbors, turns out to be from a whole different world.


5. Chapter 1- Party Time

“H…How long have you been there?”

Matthew chuckled,

“Long enough.”

I looked down at my heels and blushed a little,

“So we’re asphyxiated?”

I pushed some hair behind my ear,

“Not like a snobby asphyxiated, but like a pleasant one, and still modern.”

He looked at my confused,


He joked,

“Meaning you’re a little bit different than my usual friends would be. Family wise.”

“So the word your looking for is abnormal?”

I sighed-laughed,

“Yeah I guess you could say that, but in a good way.”

I said awkwardly,

“I’m sorry I’m… stuttering, I’m afraid I’ll insult you.”

I confessed, Matthew’s grin grew bigger,

“It takes a lot to insult us, well at me at least, just watch out for Lindsey, she’s a different story.”

“She’s a good different and that’s good.”

I mumbled, Matthew rolled his eyes still smiling,

“Why don’t you come enjoy the rest of the party? It’s ending soon.”

I walked towards him, he took my hand and I gasped again, the coldness was just like Lilac’s. I guess Matthew found my quiet gasp amusing and chuckled,

“Your really cold.”

I said quietly,

“Everyone says that. I guess it’s just who I am.”

I smiled; it was a pleasant cold, which I could somehow cope with. I followed Matthew, still hand and hand with him; I watched his face focus on me as he walked through the house. His eyes were so beautiful, as I’ve mentioned about fifty billion times already. We walked into the kitchen but he kept walking, I looked at Lindsey confused, but she didn’t really realize I was in the kitchen; no one did really, as if we were in hyper speed. I brushed it off; I guess I was star struck. Matthew opened the backdoor and walked out the door, I looked at him confused, standing in my place,

“What are we doing out here?”

“I want to get to know you better.”

I smiled at his response,

“How the heck am I suppose to get down these steps?”

I say, glaring at the dozen thick concrete steps that separated me from the back yard.


Matthew got behind me and lifted me from my elbows, it was a little bit shocking he could lift me, but I was only one hundred and five pounds so I guess it isn’t that hard. He got my to the landing then helped my down the last three steps by holding my hand. We finally reached the back yard patio and I folded my arms, grasping my arms.


He said looking at me,

“Sort of.”

I said watching my breath show. Matthew took his jacket off, showing a vest with a white shirt under it and black slacks. His biceps were enormous. I couldn’t help but stare,

“So you moved in with your mom?”

“And Ronney.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why?”

I sighed and watched the stars shimmer off the pond in his backyard,

“Because, I was getting to an age, were my Dad just wasn’t quite understanding what I was going through, and plus, I was holding him back from his dreams, and I didn’t want to ruin them. Also, I want to go to a college in Los Angeles so..”

Matthew looked at me,

“What exactly were you going through?”

I focused on the clean cut grass,

“If you don’t want to answer…”

I shook my head, swallowing hard,

“My old boyfriend Dylan, he cheated on me.”

I said forcing the words out of my mouth. It might have been 4 months, but it still hurt,

“And I always cried, never ate, slept, or talked. I guess I was a loner.”

Matthew studied my face hard,

“Who would cheat on you?”

He said facing me. I slowly turned to him shrugging my shoulders slightly,

“Your beautiful and you deserve better.”

He said looking deeply into my eyes, and slightly lifting my chin; somehow, I was used to his coldness. I was shocked. Slowly I leaned into kiss him, but he cleared his throat. I lifted my chin down and looked at my heels.

“We better get inside.”

Matthew pleaded. I nodded my head and followed him inside, he let me go first, and so if I fell he could catch me. I finally reached the kitchen and the silence broke.

“We better get going it’s late.”

Thank you Claire.


Ronney said clearing his throat and putting his shot glass down.

“It’s getting late.”

He said scratching the back of his head. Ronney and Claire looked at me and I smiled stupidly and then I left the kitchen, without saying goodbye to anyone.



“So did you have a good time?”

I said putting my hair in a ponytail walking down the spiral staircase.

“It was pretty good. I’m sure you and Lindsey are going to be good friends huh?”

Claire said sipping some hot tea on the couch. I plopped down next to mom on the couch letting the feeling of new cold clothes sink into my skin. It was refreshing.

“Yeah, she’s really nice.”

“What about Matthew? He’s lovely isn’t he?”

I looked at the remote on the coffee table,

“Yeah he’s . . .interesting.”

I mumbled. The look in his face when I went to kiss him, it wasn’t what I hoped. He looked like he wanted to but he didn’t want to. Maybe it was because I had bad breath. I sneakily put my hand up to my mouth to smell my breath. It didn’t smell to me. Then again, my sense of smell is sometimes off; it could be the fact I lived with my Dad for multiple years and he let’s one rip every once and a while.

“So what do you want to do tomorrow?”

Claire said, cutting off my thoughts;

“Um maybe we could go shopping?”

Claire looked stunned at my response, but smiled shortly after,

“Girls afternoon, I love it.”

She kissed my forehead and went upstairs. I laid my neck on the back of the couch and sighed. My thoughts always drifted to Matthew. It was a little bit strange for me. I finally got up and walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. I turned on some classical music and took my make up remover wipes out. I looked around my dresser wiping the makeup off my face, drifting into random thoughts. I looked up and saw I was finish. I walked over to the trashcan and threw the wipe away. I started unpacking more boxes, slowly. Finding random things like awards, pictures of Destiny and I, dogs I had in the past, and jewelry now and then. After unpacking all my stuff I broke the boxes down and shoved them under my bed. I slowly walked over to my MP3 player and turned off the music and groggily walked to bed, turning the light switch off as I went. I pulled the covers off and then laid down, then pulling the covers back over me. I relax my head on the pillows, breathing slowly getting to relax my muscles. I wiggled my toes a little bit trying to keep them warm. I decided to close my eyes, drifting into a dream.


    I looked around the room. The familiar room at the Harold’s house. But everything was on fire. I ran out of the room, falling because of my heels. I saw Matthew and I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I got up taking my heels off swiftly and hopping on my feet. I whimpered at my sprained ankle and hopped on my left foot. I got to Matthew quickly and pulled on his shoulder. He turned around with Cold Black eyes and a match in his hand. I looked it in shock. I looked at his hands and they were covered in blood. I remembered what he said He was a vampire. I looked out his mouth to see blood dripping from his mouth. I looked over at the fire and saw all the guests from the party and the Harolds burning in the fire. Dead. My heart raced faster than ever and my eyes flashed back and forth from the Fire to Matthew, who was still looking at me with Cold eyes. I finally turned my eyes to him and his cold eyes went warm. He took my hand, dropping the match to the group. He leaned in and I thought he was going to bite me; meaning stuck all my blood out of my tiny body, but instead he kissed my neck and looked at me,

“We can be together now.”

His voice said in a whisper. My eyes went into a frown,


He mumbled before flashing fangs and going to my neck.

  I sat up in bed. Breathing heavy. The birds chirping and the sunshine flashing in the room causing me to squint my eyes. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I tried to let my thoughts process the dream I just had. It wasn’t what I’d plan. I shoved the covers off of me and got out of bed, the wood floor squeaking under my feet. I swung my door open quietly. I heard a little plop and turned around to see my ponytail holder on the floor, I picked it up and put a new ponytail in my hair, going down the stairs.

“Good morning.”

Ronney said hugging me. I hugged him back awkwardly.

“How did you sleep?”

Claire said sipping her coffee,


I said swallowing the warm tea mom made me.

“If it’s to cold, you can warm it up.”

I shook my head no,

“It’s perfect actually.”

I walked over to the fridge and pulled out an apple. I walked out of the kitchen,

“Where are you going?”

“Getting ready for our girls afternoon, remember?”

I smiled walking up the stairs to my room. I sat in front of my computer and checked my e-mail. I had multiple messages, some spam, some from destiny and dad. And one from Dylan. I hesitated to open Dylan’s but I knew I had to.



I mumbled under my breath, correcting him,

I remember you saying you were in Oklahoma, in Linesville right? Well I have some news; I’m going to the community college in Linesville! Just got accepted a couple weeks ago, you know after we broke up… I remembered we talked about it. I hope you aren’t angry about it, Well I hope to run into there.


I slammed my computer screen shut and grabbed my phone calling Destiny,


“Why didn’t you tell me he was going to be in Linesville!”

I yelled so loudly probably Nevada could hear me. Destiny didn’t answer me,

“You told me he was going to be on the east side!”

“Of Linesville!”

“I thought you meant Oklahoma!”

“Well I’m sorry . . .”

“Well you need to be more specific!”

I sighed,

“When is he going to come?”

The door bell rang up I ignored it,

“He should be there today or should have been there yesterday.”


Claire yelled from me downstairs.

“I swear if this is him…”

I whispered into the phone. I hung up the phone and angrily opened my door, stomping down the staircase,

“Look I understand that you miss me an-“

I stopped myself as I looked up into the dark hazel eyes. Ronney and Claire looked at me confused in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry I thought you were someone else.”

“Walk with me.”

I looked at my clothes, and nervously laughed,

“Don’t worry.”

He said chuckling. I put on a pair of Boots and followed him behind. The misty Oklahoma air hit me right away, refreshing my skin. I struggled to keep up with Matthew; he started to jog so I started to jog with him,

“Why are we jogging?”

I asked through heavy breaths,

“We’re exercising together, a good way for you to see the town.”

He said normally, I was in shock on how steady he could keep his breathing pattern.

“I also wanted to know there was nothing weird between us.”

I looked at him confused, but then remembering what happened last night.

“No it’s not awkward. I just don’t understand…”

He looked at me confused, I stopped jogging, catching my breath. He stopped as soon as I did.

“I don’t understand why you wouldn’t kiss me, when you said I was beautiful and was touching me.”

He hesitated to answer,

“Because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

He finally let it slip,

“H-How was it going to ruin our friendship?”

I looked him sternly in the eye, he looked away but I put my hand up to his face, gently forcing it towards me.

“Let’s just forget about it okay?”

My eyebrows frowned. Matthew started walking back to the house,

“Where are you going?”

I yelled still standing in the place he left me at,

“Taking you back to your house.”

“Why? I thought you were going to take me around town?”

“Another day.”

I ran up to catch up with him; we walked in silence the whole way back.

“Oh God.”

I mumbled under my breath about five houses down from my house, Matthew looked at me confused,

“What’s wrong?”

I faced him,

“That’s Dylan’s car.”

Matthew soon realized whom I meant.

“Do you want to stall?”

He asked hesitantly,

“Anything, even if we have to rub hairy men’s feet.”

Matthew laughed at my smart-aleck remark.

   Quietly Matthew got in his car, he waved me on once he got into his car, I crouched a little and run quietly until I got to his car, swiftly opening the door and closing it. Matthew backed out of the driveway and drove down the road. I leaned my head on the headrest taking a deep breath.

 “So why exactly do you want to stall from seeing Dylan? Besides the fact he  cheated on you and you broke up with him.”


 I joked, I laughed at my own joke, Matthew following from my stupid laugh. I sighed still laughing,

 “Because he doesn’t know how to let go. He’s just stupid too.”

 I looked in the rearview window and saw Dylan’s shiny blue Prius behind us,

 “Oh hell no.”

 I said looking closer,

 “He’s behind us, I guess the coast isn’t clear after all.”

 Matthew just chuckled. I watched Dylan through the mirror watching every move he made in his car. I looked out of the mirror and into the windshield. We were in the middle of the mountains. I looked at the mirror again. Dylan was gone. I looked at the speed meter to see Matthew was going over one hundred miles per hour,

 “Whoa, maybe you should slow down.”

“Don’t worry.”

“You might get pulled over,”

“I’ve never been pulled over.”

 I couldn’t help but sarcastically laugh.

 “What you don’t trust me?”

“No I just find it humorous.”

 I looked back at the mirror to see Dylan behind us. All the sudden Matthew pulls on a dirt road in the middle of the woods. Dylan stops in front and rolls down his window and yells something, turns around a drives off. I finally let a big sigh out.

 “I might need to get a restraining order on him.”

 He laughed,

“You need to get a restraining order on him. Who knows, maybe he watches you brush your teeth in the morning through a secret camera on a pill bottle.”

I found his remark quite humorous letting out a nice snort. I blushed from embarrassment as he chuckled,

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s cute.”

I immediately started blushing like a maniac. I looked at the clock,

“I need to get back home. Claire and I have a girls afternoon together.”

Matthew swerved the car and drove back to the highway. Matthew talked and talked the whole way and all I did was catch every breathtaking detail of his face. How beautiful it was. His perfect jaw line, plump lips, beautiful eyes, perfect nose, long eyelashes and cute ears. I moved down to his upper body, catching his collarbone, his broad shoulders and biceps. His abs showed through his grey t-shirt. I looked back up at him and he was looking at me,

“Is everything okay?”

He said self-conscious.

“N.. No. Your perfect.”

He blushed a little bit at my comment,

“Your not so bad either.”

He said sarcastically,

“You already told me that.”

I looked out the windshield to see we were at my house. I unbuckled my seat belt. I turned to face Matthew. He was already looking at me. I leaned into kiss him but he once again, cleared his throat. I sat back,

“You never answered my question you know.”

I stared at him anxiously waiting for an answer.  He swallowed before answering,

“It’s hard to explain.”

I rolled my eyes; I sat up in the seat, slowly leaned over and kissed his cheek, close to the side of his lips,

“Let’s compromise.”

He smiled after I kissed him, I got out of the car and skipped a little to the front door, I waved goodbye before entering the house and shutting the door behind me. I leaned against the door and bit my lip, trying to hide my smile… but it didn’t work,

“Why are you so smiley?”

Ronney said looking up from the couch, I laughed and walked upstairs to change. All I thought about was Matthew. It wasn’t a kiss that I wanted and he didn’t kiss back, but I was fine just with cheek kissing. But then another thought sparked my mind, were we a couple? I tried being in his shoes, but the thing was, he was a man of mystery. Never said much about him, I paid attention to what he said before. In the car, but I just really focused on his breath taking details. I wish I could of focused more but I mean if he was in my place, he probably would of stared too. I braided my hair before walking out of the room. Claire and Ronney were talking when I got down the stairs,


I asked as I jumped off the last step. Claire smiled and grabbed her purse and keys. We headed out to the car in silence. After about three minutes she broke the ice,

“So what’s going on between you and Matthew?”

I smiled when she said his name,

“I don’t know, but it’s special to me.”

“You really like him huh?”

She gripped the steering wheel and sat up.

“Dylan stopped by when you were with him, he was anxious to leave when Matthew pulled out of the driveway.”

“Yeah I was with him.”

“Where did you go?”

See, this is the no privacy part,

“We went for a little drive.”


I rolled my eyes,

“Are we really going to talk about boys? I thought we’re suppose to be talking about clothes and celebrity gossip.”

Claire rolled her eyes and focused on the road. 

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