Dreaming Fire

Sam moves in with her Mom and step mom and meets a boy named Matthew, after mixed signals and a secret that he can't tell her, she moves on and meets two different boys named Nate and Jack. At first she thinks her feelings for Nate our real turns to Jack. But will jealousy get the best of them and Matthew will brake the treaty? Will Sam have to choose the people she loves or will she choose her friendships? On the way she learns supernatural secrets from her main source, Jack; and learns that her everyday world, is never what it seems. She finds out the people she thought of neighbors, turns out to be from a whole different world.


4. Chapter 1- Party Time

A/N: If you read my author's note at the beginning, I'm splitting the chapters into three parts because they are so long. Enjoy! ( :


“I’m Lindsey, Nikki and Evan’s daughter.”

She sticks her hand out, I went to shake it but she pulled me in for a hug,

“I heard your going to our school, I would love to help out if you need it.”

I smiled at her in response,

“ So tell me about yourself. Maybe what’s your full name, where did you live, How O-“

“Lindsey, calm down on the questions, we don’t want to scare someone else away,”

And that’s when I looked up into these beautiful dark hazel eyes. I gasp quietly so no one could hear me.

“I’m Matthew. Your?”


“Lovely name.”

he winks at me and gracefully walks away. I’d never seen anyone so breath taking.

“My brother is trying to charm you, ignore him.”

She rolls her eyes and takes my hand, pulling me into the kitchen, Ronney and Claire were talking to I’m guessing her parents.

“Nikki, Evan, this is Samantha. Samantha, this is Nikki and Evan.”

They smiled at me and shook my hand,

“Your mother hasn’t shut up about you since she knew you were coming.”

Nikki says hugging me. For some reason her smell was appealing. Everyone was talking but something made me turn around, there my eyes met the same dark hazel eyes. It was like a trance, I could never get myself out of. Unless he broke the stare, I was frozen in place, staring into these hazel eyes, dark but were as bright as the sun. He kept eye contact with me until he reached the group,

“Samantha, this is Matthew.”

Brandon says gesturing his hands towards Matthew, Matthew breaks his contact with me and looks at Nikki and Evan.

“We met before.”

His voice sounded like a soothing angel. I could live with his voice on repeat for the rest of my life. He looked back at me, then smirked and walked out. My body un stiffened as he walked out of the kitchen. I looked over at Lindsey,

“There he goes again.”

She mumbled quietly under her breath, she walked out of the kitchen, leaving me alone with the 4 adults. I smiled once more at them before exiting the kitchen into what I think was the living room. I sat down on the long couch and looked around the room, looking for pictures or something. Nothing. I flattened my skirt and sat up more. I stared at my thumbs until I felt someone sit next to me. I flashed my eyes to see Matthew again. My heart raced faster than ever. Nervously I muttered something under my breath,


I felt his eyes peer on me.

“Hello, Samantha.”

The voice again, sent shivers down my spine. I tried to hide it as much as possible, but it never could stay completely hidden. I saw him smirk look down at his thumbs also.

“So tell me about yourself.”

I made eye contact with him,

“What do you want to know?”

“What do you want to tell me?”

I sighed and looked back at my thumbs, I stuttered,

“I don’t know. I mean I just met you.”

He lifted my chin up, with his touch sending flashes down my body,

“But I appeal to you don’t I?”

I looked him in the eye, blushing. He flashed a smirk. His lips, I just wanted to crash mine onto his. His skin, not a single blemish, as if he was airbrushed. Finally a made it back to his eyes and stared into them,

“I guess.”

I mumbled quietly. He turned away, almost chuckling,

“Well what about me?”

I covered my mouth instantly; I couldn’t believe I blurted that out. He looked back at me,

“You’re a very beautiful girl.”

He winked at me once more, I just looked at the ground thinking that everything I said could ruin my life already here, and I’ve only been here for 4 hours!

“Well, let’s start things off, what’s your favorite color?”

I looked back at him confused,

“Orange, What about you?”


“That’s a beautiful color.”

Matthew smirks,

“My turn.”

I thought about my question,

“How old are you exactly?”

“Well human years or Vampire years?”

I laughed,

“There’s no such thing as vampires.”

Matthew raises one eyebrow,

“And you know that for a fact?”

“No ones every been bit…”

“Well that’s the thing, vampires don’t tell people if or not vampires and they keep quiet.”

“Well they only come out at night, because the sun burns them.”

He chuckles,

“That’s a myth.”

I looked across the room to the fireplace trying to close the conversation, but something sparked my mind,

“How do you know that?”

“I’m a vampire.”

I smiled at his joke, but it looked like he was dead serious,

“You know, you should be an actor, your acting skills are very good in my opinion.”

He chuckled, like a sigh of relief was off his chest.

“Well I’m going to go find Lindsey,”

I got up awkwardly leaving Matthew in the room by himself; I walked up their giant staircase and found a door open so I pushed it open,


I yelled quietly, but it looked like a child’s playroom. I turn around and gasp,


A little girl with the same dark hazel eyes stared at me with a warming smile,


“Are you looking for Lindsey?”

“Um yup.”

“Follow me.”

She turned around and skipped down the hallway, the long hallway if I add.

“I’ve never seen you in Linesville before.”

I pushed some hair behind my ear,

“Um yeah. I just moved here like four hours ago.”

“Well welcome.”

She stops and faces me smiling,

“She’s in here.”

She points to the door right next to her, I smiled at her then knocked on the door,

“One second!”

I heard Lindsey’s voice yell. I folded my arms around looked down the long hallway, finally the door clicks open and Lindsey slides out of the room, forcing me to take a step back.

“Sorry about that.”

She says smiling,

“Have a secret candy stash?”

I gestured up to her mouth; a part of her lip was all red. She stared at me in horror for a second but wiped it away and chuckled,

“Um you caught me!”

I laughed and she grabs my hand and we walk back downstairs. I see the same little girl, I whisper in Lindsey’s ear,

“Is that your little sister?”

“Yeah, that’s Lilac. She’s brilliant little girl for her age.”

“How old is she?”

“Human years or vampire years?”

I stared at Lindsey’s face,

“Your brother asked me the same question, is that an inside joke or something?”

She turned to face me,

“Yeah. She’s almost nine.”

She turned back around to face Lilac.


Lilac turned around,


“Why don’t you give Samantha a tour of our house?”

Lilac smiles and walks over to me and takes my hand; surprisingly her hand is cold. Not like 68 degrees cold like Antarctica cold. I shutter at the cold and follow Lilac; first she showed me the front room. The room was quite small actually, only a desk, bookshelf and a chair could fit in it. The coloring on the walls were beautiful, a nice blue. She pulled me through the grand hall I guess you could call it, then back into the living room, where I was with Matthew. I bit my lip remembering the conversation. Lilac pulled me upstairs and showed me the first room,

“This is Matthew’s room.”

I looked around, nothing really different for his room, except that he didn’t have pictures of girls in bikinis and a bed. He had a I guess you could say lounger, but it wasn’t at the same time. And he had a ton of books. Book worm I suppose, I didn’t question it though, I was a bookworm myself actually. She led me out of the room and into the next room; this room had a bed. A change.

“This is Nikki and Evan’s room.”

It was a beautiful modern room. She skipped the room I caught Lindsey in, I stopped in front of it,

“What is this room?”

I said pointing to the room with my thumb, Lilac frowns,

“ I’m not really allowed to go into that room, unless Matthew or Someone else is in there with me.”

I nod my head and continue with her down the hall.


   “So is our Lilac a good tour guide?”

Evan says looking at me as I go through the kitchen doorway,

“Yeah, she’s really good.”

Nikki smiles at me and looks back at Claire and Ronney and some other adults in the room, I walk out and see Matthew talking to a group of boys. I shyly walk past them and into the den and pull out my phone, as I go to unlock it, destiny, my best friend from New Hampshire is calling me,




“ Why didn’t you call once you got there?”

I sighed,

“Because, I’m hunting vampires.”

I joked,

“Speaking of that, you left your twilight movies here.”

“Well mail them okay?”

I said sarcastically, she laughed,

“So how was your plane ride?”

I chuckled,

“If you mean by a little kid kicking your seat, and the mom snoring, it was perfect.”

I swear once I told Destiny that she rolled off her bed laughing, I laughed sarcastically,

“Yeah it’s really funny.”

“Hey it was only like what? Ten hours?”

“The longest ten hours of my life.”

I said putting my index finger up to my eyebrow,

“So found any boys?”

“Des, I’ve only been here for like four hours, what makes you think I’ve found a boy?”

“Because of your voice. Your not the same.”

My eyebrows went into a frown,

“How could you tell?”

“Because when you first met ‘him’, you had the same tone in voice.”

I opened my eyes up a little bit more,

“What has he been doing?”

“He left for college yesterday.”

Destiny and Dylan are cousins. Dylan’s Parents went to Romania for business, and Dylan convinced his parents to let him stay with Destiny and her parents. I never quite understood how that worked; then again, I did the same thing so I could live with my dad, so I guess I understand that.

“So he’s finally moving on with his life.”

The one thing I forgot to mention about Dylan was once I broke up with him, he wouldn’t get over it. He constantly texted me, called me, messaged me, everything. I finally had to answer him and consult him. It was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders now that he had stopped hounding me. But it’s been months since then.

“Yeah but you won’t believe where he got his college classes at?”

I frowned immediately, waiting for the worst answer possible,

“He got it in a college in Oklahoma.”

I groaned,

“I thought he moved on!”

I yelled a little to loud, She hesitated,

“Look, I never told him you moved there so I guess it’s a coincidence,

“No but I did.”


“I told him when we were together, I thought we were still going to be together so don’t judge me.”

“Look it’s over by the east of Oklahoma and you’re in the North so it’s fine.”

“Just don’t bring me up in the conversations.”

“Anyways, so where are you at?”

“A family friend’s party. It’s….odd I guess. Different from the ones in New Hampshire.”

“I wish I was there… I could have added my twist to it.”

I laughed,

“Like we need a Mexican jumping bean here. I think the family here is more . . . asphyxiated. I’m not complaining but I’m guessing they can’t have candy, because the eldest daughter has a secret candy stash. I don’t know about the other ones.”

“How many kids are there?”

“Three but with so many doors in their house there might be hundreds.”

I said jokingly,

“So is their son cute?”

I blushed and looked at the ground, I flashed my eyes at the doorway only to find Matthew in the doorway leaning against it,

“I’ll call you back.”

I said so quickly it sounded like gibberish and hung up. I stood up and brushed my skirt down.

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