Dreaming Fire

Sam moves in with her Mom and step mom and meets a boy named Matthew, after mixed signals and a secret that he can't tell her, she moves on and meets two different boys named Nate and Jack. At first she thinks her feelings for Nate our real turns to Jack. But will jealousy get the best of them and Matthew will brake the treaty? Will Sam have to choose the people she loves or will she choose her friendships? On the way she learns supernatural secrets from her main source, Jack; and learns that her everyday world, is never what it seems. She finds out the people she thought of neighbors, turns out to be from a whole different world.


3. Chapter 1- Party Time

The long flight from New Hampshire to Oklahoma was long and agonizing. I couldn’t decide the worst between the kid kicking my seat or they ran out of water but everyone was dying of thirst because of the stupid peanuts they sell. Some man tried stealing my water bottle. Greedy.



 I ran up to her in the airport.

 “I’ve missed you so much darling! You’ve grown up so much since I last saw you. But remember, call me Claire.”

 She hugged me tightly,

 “I missed you too Claire. But I’m sort of jet lagged.”

 “Alright, let’s get you home.”

 She wraps her arm around my neck and helps me get my luggage.

 “Where’s Ronney?”

 “He’s at home.”

 Her and I exchanged smiles and she picked up my luggage. It took what felt like forever to get to her car; maybe it was the jet leg, or I might be nervous?

  I chuckled at the thought of being nervous, I wasn’t usually nervous. Claire stammered on and on from the drive back to her house. It wasn’t that I didn’t mind. But it could get old really fast, but every once and a while I would nod my head to reassure her I was listening.

  I drifted into my thoughts. Maybe I would have a romance, or maybe my life would turn around somehow: find a best friend, or maybe get offered to a really good college in London. Fingers crossed! Finally I snapped out of it when Claire said something that sparked my interest,

 “I thought we could go shopping tomorrow.”

 Shopping was something I enjoyed, as it helped me find something to take my mind off of the bad things in life.

 “That sounds…great.” I said sarcastically,

 “So what; no shopping?”

 I chuckled,

 “No I was kidding.”

Claire’s eyebrows rose and she asked,

 “You actually like shopping now?”

When I was younger my parents had to drag me in to a store to just buy socks, let alone other attire.

 “Yeah…I uh… actually like shopping now.”

 “Well, now that I have your attention,”

I looked at her, confused,

“Tell me about New Hampshire. Was it fun? Meet any boys since I was gone?”

Dylan, I thought. I ignored it and laughed,

 “Like a boy would be into me! And anyways, I don’t have time to date, I only have two years of high school left and I need to focus on college. Boys can wait.”

“Little miss, you’re beautiful; you just haven’t found the right guy yet. I thought that, before I found your father.”

“And you divorced him and married Ronney. I get it; you can marry twice because you’re beautiful.”

Claire gave me a glare,

“ I wasn’t going to mention Ronney at all. In fact I wasn’t even going to mention the divorce.”

I stared out the window,

“Can we just drop the subject?”

I sighed and put my hand against my cheek, putting my elbows on the door of the car. The rest of the ride was quiet.

 “Let’s just forget the conversation.”

Claire said as she parked the car and got out. Not even an hour and this happened.

 This was a particular reason why I stayed with my dad. But also, at the time, it wasn’t my choice. Claire just wasn’t ready to be a mom when she had me, which is stupid because she had me. She thought it was best for me to move in with my Dad.

 I felt like she didn’t love me and didn’t want me, but I’m not complaining about my birth because I wouldn’t be here if otherwise.

 And, of course, I loved Ronney. He’s like the father I never had. I yanked the car door open and followed my Claire behind her into the house.

  “Ronney! We’re home!” Claire yelled. Ronney runs down the stairs,

“Samantha...love! I haven’t seen you in forever!”

He hugs me.

“Your British accent hasn’t left one bit since I last saw you.”

“How long has it been, five years?”

“Five years, ten days.” I said jokingly.

“Well, let’s get you to bed so you can rest.” Claire says picking up my luggage.

“I’ve got it, Mom.”


I smiled at her in response, She handed me my luggage and I walked up the spiral staircase.

 The house I left ten years ago has changed a lot. She re-painted the upstairs and from the short glance of the kitchen and living room, she remodeled the floor plan.

  I sighed and finally reach the top step. I set the luggage down and open the familiar doorknob on the right I opened everyday when I was younger. The smell blasted in my face when I opened the door; nothing’s changed.

It was still the six-year-old room I had before I left to live with my dad. The bejeweled curtains glistened as daylight broke into the room. The bright yellow walls with pink flowers scattered every now and then on the walls where the same. My dad drew them, being the artist he was.

  I smiled and set the luggage on the bed, shortly following, sitting next to them. It felt weird. Sometimes I preferred living here with my Claire. Like if I had hormones going wild, dad would avoid me. It just was different with mom; I could relax a little bit more around her, around Ronney, as if he was my biological father.

 I got up and open the draws, empty, but a note was sitting in the middle draw,

To my dearest Samantha,

 How exciting to finally have you back with me! Ronney and me are very pleased to have you back in our presence! We missed you dearly. Darling, once your done finished packing please come down to see us! We love you!

~Claire and Ronney

I sighed and put the note in my pocket, the thing with Claire was that she was too cheerful; she always hovered and was in my business.  I love her with all of my heart, but sometimes I just wanted to have some privacy, even just a month without talking to her would be weird though.

 I opened up the small bag and put my under garments in the top small draw, the draw to the right, socks, the draw under the two jeans, sweats all the clothing in that area.

 Next I put my sweatshirts in the middle draw, the second to last draw was casual lazy day shirts then in the bottom I put accessories like scarf’s, or hats. I walk over to the closet and hung up nicer clothes, like cardigans and dresses.

 I shoved all my shoes at the bottom of the closet and closed the door. I walked back over to the dresser and put things like perfumes, nail polish, pictures of friends, family and the tiny bit of make up I owned, before I knew it, I was finished.

  I looked back to my only window and saw the sky turning dark; I opened up my bedroom door and shut it quietly behind me, tip toeing down the stairs. I got into the kitchen, I gasp,

“It’s changed…”

Ronney and Claire look over to me,

“I know. I love it!”

I shoved my hands into my pocket and sat down in the chair as far away as possible from them.

“Look, Samantha W-“


I gave Ronney a stern serious look,

“Sam... We are having a party tonight and we would love for you to join us.”


“No at a family friends of ours, The Harold’s’.”


I said playing with my thumbs.

“So would you like to come?”

“I guess.”

“Well go upstairs and get ready okay?”

I stood up,

“This isn’t okay?”

Claire scanned my outfit, baggy sweatshirt, pink, black jeans, and purple high tops.

“Sam, go change.”

I groan and walk slowly upstairs, taking two steps at a time you get upstairs and reach my bedroom, I pulled out of the boxes I packed a couple days before moving in and take out my MP3 player, I shoved my MP3 into the jack and turn up the music.

 I looked in my closet and got a blue and white striped cardigan out and take a black bowed skirt, along with a white bloused shirt and threw it on, I grabbed my curling iron and turned it on.

 I went back over to my closet and went through my shoes, finally settling on some black pumps I walked back over to my dresser, a little bit higher now, making it easier to see my reflection in the mirror, starting curling my hair. As I finished I put on the cardigan and walked downstairs. Ronney turns around,


She turned around from doing the dishes and sees me, she gasped,

“Your beautiful!”

I looked down and did a turn looking back up at her; Ronney got up and twirls me around, causing a weak giggle to escape my lips.

“What about you two?”

“Um Hello?”

Claire pointed up to her head with curlers in,

“Once I’m done with the dishes I’ll get dressed and finish getting ready.”

I look at Ronney,

“Hey! All I need is a tux and some hair gel and I’m good!”

He says throwing his hands up in the air, I laughed and went back upstairs to put some makeup on. My phone started going off and so I answered it,

“Hey Dad.”

“Hey Sammy, how’s everything going?”

“Eh, same old same old, what about you?”

“I miss you to much.”

“I’m sorry dad.”

“Don’t be Sam, it was the best thing for you.”

There’s a silence between you and him, finally he breaks the ice,

“What are you going to do tonight?”

“Well Cl-Mom and Ronney are taking me to a party, what about you?”

Dad didn’t like me calling her Claire, though she always insisted.

“Watching the game.”

He chuckles,

“Are you angry that I left?”

The question the was on my mind suddenly slipped from my mouth, not realizing,

“Sam, I would never be angry at you for any decision that you make. I will support you in everything. Even if I don’t like it.”

“So what if I became a vampire and wanted to slaughter the whole town, you would support me,”

He laughs,

“Only if I became a vampire too.”

I smiled at his response,

“But vampires don’t exist, don’t let that twilight nonsense in your head.”

I giggled,

“Let’s just admit, your team Jacob and I’m team Edward.”

“Oh I see how it’s going to be.”

Him and I laughed at his little joke,

“Alright Samskins, I’m going to hang up okay? Be good for your mother and I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright Dad, Love you.”

“Love you too, Night.”

He hangs up the phone. I flopped on my bed and did a horse sigh. A light knock taps on my door,

“Come in!”

I said sitting up on the bed. Claire walked in,

“Whom were you talking to?”

Like I said, no privacy,


“Is everything okay?”

I chuckled,

“Yup everything’s peachy, except he’s team Jacob still… I’ve got to knock some sense into the man.”

Claire laughed,

“Alright well we’re leaving.”

I nod and she walks out of the room, I grabbed my purse and slung it over my shoulder, walking carefully out of my bedroom and watching every step I took in these giant heels. Finally I got to the bottom of the stairs and walked out the front door, hopping into Ronney’s car and driving off to the Harold’s party.


       “So How was your flight?”

Ronney asks looking at me through the rear-view mirror,

“I can’t complain honestly.”

I said look in the mirror, the rest of the ride was pretty quiet except for Ronney and Claire whispering to each other every now and then. The only things I really worried about was smudging my makeup or spilling my drink or something on me.


Claire said turning to face me,

“Um I guess.”

I said pulling the ear buds out of my ears. I wrapped them around my phone and shoved it into my bag. Carefully, I stepped out of the car and got balance.


I whispered under my breath. The house was huge, not to mention people where driving the cars to park in the back. Ronney handed the man the keys and put his arm around my Claire’s waist.

 I stared at his hand, wishing that I had someone to wrap their arm around my waist. I never thought I’d get over Dylan. The thing with Dylan, as much as I loved him, I could never trust him, I had the tiniest hint of trust until I caught him cheating on me. That’s one of the reasons why I moved. Claire and Ronney strolled through the house as if they lived there,

“Your Ronney and Claire’s daughter right?”

I turned around to face a young girl, close to my age.

“Um Yeah.”

I pushed a curl away from my face,

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