Dreaming Fire

Sam moves in with her Mom and step mom and meets a boy named Matthew, after mixed signals and a secret that he can't tell her, she moves on and meets two different boys named Nate and Jack. At first she thinks her feelings for Nate our real turns to Jack. But will jealousy get the best of them and Matthew will brake the treaty? Will Sam have to choose the people she loves or will she choose her friendships? On the way she learns supernatural secrets from her main source, Jack; and learns that her everyday world, is never what it seems. She finds out the people she thought of neighbors, turns out to be from a whole different world.


1. Author's Note

Hi! So I suppose you've stumbled upon my story and your interested. Well I want to say thank you for deciding to read it!

Now I just want to put that I've actually based some of my story writing on Stephanie Myer's Twilght. Which BTW I'm a huge fan (  : 

 I've worked on this story for the past month and so far have written four chapters with about 107 pages, so I'm gonna split the chapters in threes ( : Well Enjoy!

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