Live While We're Young

Christen your average teenager she makes good grades, has a lot of friends, and wants to have fun. What happens when one day she meets One Direction? Read to find out(:


6. Chapter 6


 Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys. I didn't have wifi for like 4 months and it was hard to update on my phone, but I'll try to update pretty soon!(:



                          *Christen's POV*

      We were all on the couch watching Mean Girls (Reagan's pick). Reagan and Liam were on the love seat talking about something; Zayn, Harry, and Louis were on the couch derping around; and Niall and I were throwing popcorn at each other. 

                        *Niall's POV*

     Christen is perfect. I wish she could be my princess. She's beautiful and so sweet. "I'm gonna ask her out," I thought to myself. 

                        *Reagan's POV* 

     "I have feelings for Liam. Not fangirl feels. Real feelings," I texted Christen.

    "I thought you liked Harry?" she sent back.

     "I thought I did too."

                       *Harry, Zayn, and Louis' POV* 

      This is fun.

                       -An hour and a half later- 

                     *Christen's POV*    

     Everybody but Niall and me was asleep. I was sitting in Niall's lap and we were seeing who could score the highest on Temple Run. Which I suck at. It was 4:06 the last time I checked the time and Niall and I were both about to fall asleep.

      When I woke up, I was on the couch with a blanket and pillow. I sat up and Louis was the only one up. "Want some cereal, Love?" Louis asked. "Sure," I smiled getting off the couch. Louis grabbed me a bowl and grabbed the milk out of the fridge. "Thanks," I said taking them and sitting them down on the counter. "You're welcome, Peasant," he smiled. I laughed, "Jerk."

      Then someone came up behind and poked my side. "SH-oot," I said catching myself. Niall laughed, "Good morning guys." "Good morning," Louis and I said at the same time. "I've got to go get Eleanor from the airport. I'll be back in a little while," Lou said.

   "Wanna go to the park?" Niall asked?

   "Sure. I'm gonna go change," I said. I walked upstairs and put on a flowy tank top with blue jean shorts and curled my hair. I put on a necklace that my mom got me the last year she was alive, an infinity ring, a bracelet, and some rose earrings. ( It took me about 10 minutes to get ready and when I walked downstairs Niall had changed and he was writing a note to the boys telling them Louis was gone to get Eleanor and we would be back in a little while. We walked outside and Niall ran to open my car door and I got in. He walked to the other side and got in and we left. We were going to a park about an hour away so we talked about random stuff. Niall turned the radio on and "The Other Side" was on. We both started dancing like weirdos. We showed up at the park and Niall turned off the car and we got out.

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