Live While We're Young

Christen your average teenager she makes good grades, has a lot of friends, and wants to have fun. What happens when one day she meets One Direction? Read to find out(:


4. Chapter 4

               We drove to their flat and got out. On the way there we had talked about the stupidest stuff. We talked about window sills, favorite brand of dog food, and least favorite brand of applesauce. We got out and walked inside. Simon and Dad started talking. "Harry, would you please show the girls their rooms?" Simon asked. "Yeah," he said. We followed him down the hallway, which felt like forever when I got a text," Damnnnn dat ass(;" "Reagan!!" "Well you have to admit.." "(;"

            He opened the doors for us and told us we could pick whichever one we wanted. "Awww I have to sleep in a room close to her?" I fake pouted. "You could always sleep with me," Harry winked pointing towards his door. "I may take you up on that offer," I laughed. We unpacked our stuff and walked out the door. We walked down the steps and I turned around. Reagan was gone. Then somebody jumped on my shoulders. "Oh shit!" I screamed. All of the boys looked at me. "Wait where's Dad?" I asked. "They just walked outside," Zayn said trying not to laugh. "But you get timeout for using bad language," Liam said pointing at the corner. "Okay," I said pouting. "Ha Ha!" Reagan said pointed her finger at me and laughed.

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