Live While We're Young

Christen your average teenager she makes good grades, has a lot of friends, and wants to have fun. What happens when one day she meets One Direction? Read to find out(:


1. Chapter 1

       "Christen, get up," my dad said standing inside my door. "Why do I have to get up so early?" I asked. "Because we have to talk about something," he said. "Okay," I said getting out of bed. We walked down to the kitchen and sat down. "Okay, I got a job offer. I think you'll really like it too," he said. "What kind of job offer did you get?" I asked. "I got a job being One Direction's manager," he explained. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. Since your about to be 18 and you already graduated, I'm going to let you pick. Do you want to go with me or stay here?" he asked. "I want to go with you!" I said excitedly. "Wait what about Reagan?" I asked. "If her parents don't mind her coming, I don't care. We were both really big directioners. We had our walls covered in posters, we had blogs, we had Instagram accounts, and they're all we really ever talked about. "When are we leaving?" I asked my dad. "Uhh in about two weeks," he said getting ready for work. He worked at a car dealership so we had pretty good money. "Honey have you seen my-" I cut him off. "Your briefcase is sitting by the door," I said. "Thanks," he said picking it up. My mom died in a car accident when I was 13. It will be almost 5 years next month. My dad tried to hold back his pain and he was pretty good at it. I tried to hold my pain back but I couldn't. I cut and I even used to smoke, but I didn't let my dad know about any of that. I'm a major Daddy's girl and I couldn't mess that up. He came back down the steps and grabbed his keys. He walked over to me. "Bye Sweetie. Have a good day," he said kissing my forehead. "Bye," I said giving him a hug. He grabbed his cup of coffee and walked out the door.

      I decided to call Reagan. I picked up my cell phone and dialed her number. It rang a few times then she answered. "Hello?" she asked. "Hey Gurl," I said laughing. "Ohh gurl," she said back. "My dad got a job offer, and we're moving. Do you want to come?" I asked. "Where are you going?" she asked. "He's One Direction's new manager," I said with a big smile on myy face just thinking about it. "Duh! Yes, I want to come!" she yelled into the phone. "Okay. Will your mom and dad care?" I asked before I got my hopes up. "Probably not but let me go ask," she said. Her parents didn't really care what she did as long as she didn't do anything stupid. "Mom can I go live with Christen and her dad? He's One Direction's new manager," she said. "Honey, I'm not sure about that," she said. "Please Mom? I'm almost 18 anyway." she said trying to convince her. "Well I guess you can," she said. "I love you Mom!" she yelled. "I love you too Sweetie. When are you leaving?" she asked. "Let me ask." she said. "When are we leaving?" she asked me. In about three weeks," I said into the phone. "In about three weeks," she said. "Okay. That's fine," she said. "Come pick me up," she said. "Okay. Then I'll explain to you what I know," I said. "Okay. What time will you be here?" she asked. "In about 45 minutes," I said. "Okay. See you then," she said. "Okay. Bye," I said. "Bye," she said hanging up the phone.

      I jumped in the shower and put on a striped sweater, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of Sperry's. I got ready and straightened my hair, It had been 30 minutes so I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I turned on the radio and "Thrift Shop" was on. "I'M GONNA POP SOME TAGS. ONLY GOT TWENTY DOLLARS IN MY POCKET!" I yelled. I was a weirdo even when I was alone. I was at a stop sign and there were people staring at me. It was probably because of my wonderful singing. I pulled up in Reagan's driveway and she came running out. She got in the car and buckled up. "i'm so excited!" she said. "Me too!" I replied smiling like an idiot. "You hungry?" I asked. "Yes!" she said yelling. "Then let's go get something to eat," I said. We went to McDonald's. What do you want?" I asked. "A 20-piece chicken nugget," she said. "Me too!" I said. We gave each other a high five. We pulled up to the window and got our food. We ate then headed back to my place. "You're spending the night at my house." I  told Reagan. "Fine then Bossy," she laughed. She called her mom and told her. WE got out at my house and watched Pitch Perfect. A little while later my dad pulled up. "Hey girls," he said walking in. "Hey," we said back. "Do you want pizza?" he asked. "Sure!" we said. "Okay. Hold on and I'll order some," he said. He ordered pizza and we stayed up all night watching movies until we fell asleep.


   This probably isn't good, but tell me how to make it better and I will! So yeahh. Bye guys!!

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