Lost and Found

Baye Woods was best friends with Niall Horan, for a very, very long time. They were inseparable, they were with each other every day. And no one could undo that.
But when Niall gets an idea of auditioning for X-Factor he does it, he goes for his number 1# biggest dream of all time, being a singer is what he wants to be.
Baye was left all alone in her home, she was 19, old enough to take care of herself.
Baye was always a girl who never wants to be alone, she's quiet when no one is with her. She finds out he and 4 other boys won the competition, she goes to find him one day, when she finally bumps into him. He doesn't remember her at all.
All the memories scattered to the floor, all moments unmemorable, all the good times gone to waste.
Was really going to look for Niall worth it?


3. Chapter 3

Baye's POV: I fluttered my eyes open and I was in their dressing room? It was nice red, white, and blue. Beautiful colors, I waked up on the couch, I had a towel under my head, my blood was on the towel, bright red. I felt the back of my head to check if there was excess blood left, I felt a bit left so I went to the bathroom and put a napkin on the back of my head. I walked back into the room and saw the boys in there, the bloody towel was gone. "Hi Baye" they said then smiled. "Hello" I said then smiled slightly. "How can I know you're the real Baye?" Niall questioned. "Try me" I said crossing my arms. We all sat down, and Niall started off. 

"Birthday?" he asked. "October 31, 1993". "Cell number?", "525-7783". "Blood type?", "O" 

"Where were you born?", "Mullinglar, Ireland". "School you went to?", "Mullinglar School". Then he gave me a shocked look, I was about to say something but he said something instead. "Our hideout password?", "Blondies" .

Then he gave me that shocked look again. "Get over here and give me a hug you idiot" I said with my arms open wide, then he rushed into my arms. A tear of joy escaped my eye as we pulled away from the hug. He wiped it away with his thumb, I smiled happily at him. "Okay this is Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis" Niall said introducing me to the boys. "Hi" I said smiling at the boys. "Hello Baye" they replied back. "You only have 2 luggage bags and 1 carry on?" Louis questioned. "Yeah, I don't have much" I said embarrassed. "Don't be embarrassed! We'll buy you things" Liam said then grinned. "You will not buy me anything" I said crossing my arms, I didn't want them to waste THEIR TIME on me. "Yes we will" all of them said. I rolled my eyes. "So lets go home" Harry said taking the keys out then we went out of the Staples Center and into the limo. I got my luggage too, of course I needed it, I don't want to be homeless or broke. The limo was huge but then I realized something. The back of my head was still bleeding.

My eyes started getting droopy.....


"Baye? Are you alright love?" Zayn asked me, he seemed concerned. I shook my head. "What's wrong?!" Harry panicked, again..

"Don't worry "I said then blacked out.

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