Lost and Found

Baye Woods was best friends with Niall Horan, for a very, very long time. They were inseparable, they were with each other every day. And no one could undo that.
But when Niall gets an idea of auditioning for X-Factor he does it, he goes for his number 1# biggest dream of all time, being a singer is what he wants to be.
Baye was left all alone in her home, she was 19, old enough to take care of herself.
Baye was always a girl who never wants to be alone, she's quiet when no one is with her. She finds out he and 4 other boys won the competition, she goes to find him one day, when she finally bumps into him. He doesn't remember her at all.
All the memories scattered to the floor, all moments unmemorable, all the good times gone to waste.
Was really going to look for Niall worth it?


2. Chapter 2

Baye's POV: The plane arrived in California, it wasn't like Ireland, it was different. Palm trees, the Hollywood sign was obviously way different from Ireland, and I bet the people were too. I got my luggage and got a taxi, I looked up on my phone "Take Me Home Tour dates", I found one which was today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the time was 12:00 noon for the concert, I checked my phone it was 11:35. Oh my gosh, I know what to do, I have a plan! 

I put my light pink lip stick on, and the driver said: "Where to ma'am?" 

"Staples Center please" I replied and he said: "Alrighty then"

We got there fast! It wasn't too far, but whislt he was driving me to the Staples Center, the surroundings were beautiful...

"We're here" the driver told me. I paid him and said: "Thank you sir" then I got out with my luggage. I didn't have much only 2 luggage and a carry on. Not much, well probably that's what you'll think. I came by the gate, and there was only 1 guard by it so probably I can make it through. I heard girls screaming loudly from the other side, and I saw 5 boys ahead of me, it was One Direction and there was a blonde boy.

I examined his looks and it was Niall! NIALL JAMES HORAN. I pulled my bags up high so I could just jump over fast, then I jumped past the guard really fast, I ran almost reaching the boys. "Niall!" I yelled from afar. The boys turned around. Niall looked confused as heck. "Niall it's me-" I was about to finish but one of the guards knocked me out, I don't know what with, but I fell to the ground but before I fell completely to the surface my head hit the metal bar. Then my head hit the cold floor, then I heard 5 pair of feet run to my direction. The boys came by my side. "Who is this?!" the guard said. "I don't know!" a boy yelled with a Cheshire accent. I tried sitting up, then I banged my head against the metal bar again, for the second time! It hurt again. I carefully lifted my head without bumping my head. "What's your name love?" the light brown-haired boy with light blue eyes asked me. "Hasn't Niall told you about me, I was his best friend since pre s-school" I said breathing fast. I didn't eat breakfast and I didn't even eat on the plane. "You had a best friend since pre-school and you don't tell us?" the quiffed boy questioned. "I don't even know her name!" Niall yelled, I can't believe him right now. "What's your name love?" the boy with brown hair and dark brown eyes said. "B-Baye W-Woods" I said trying to keep my eyes open. "Do you remember her?" the curly boy asked Niall. Niall examined me. I dragged myself across the floor and grabbed my carry on which had a box I needed to show Niall. 

I zipped open the bag and took the box out, and dragged myself back to them, I pushed the box towards Niall. "You don't know me, do you?" I said my voice straining. I laid my head back down but I bumped my head again! Then I felt the back of my head. 

"What's this?" Niall asked. "How about you find out for yourself" I said getting annoyed of how he doesn't remember me. There was blood coming from the back of my neck. "What's that red stuff on the bar that you hit?" the Doncaster boy questioned. "Blood, I hit my head a few times" I said panting hard because my head is getting an ache. I started wincing at the pain. Blood was getting on the floor and I was trying to not get the boys to notice so I covered the blood up with my hair. 

My eyes were closing, I was trying to keep them open so I can see Niall. 


Niall's POV: I was looking through the box to find all the memories of me and Baye, I don't even know if it's the real her?

The memories was making me sad, that I can't even remember her!!! I'm so mad at myself right now. "How do I know you're the real Baye Woods" I questioned. "You'll remember when you're done with your concert" she said then she closed her eyes. "Baye! Baye?!" Harry panicked. Harry checked her pulse but he saw something instead. He lifted up her head and blood was on the floor as well as her head. "Don't worry about it, do your concert" she said her voice was straining. "But Baye-" I started. "Niall, I'm fine don't worry about me, you can't even remember me" she said, then I felt a bucket of guilt pour all over me. "Come love, you need to rest" Liam said, he picked her up and carried her to our dressing room. We followed Liam into the dressing room and he laid her down on the couch and put a cloth under her head. The boys left the room except me. I kissed her forehead and left so we could perform. I wish I could turn back time to say I remember her...

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