Life With a Popstar

This is about a girl that dreamed to meet justin bieber. Once when she did she had fallen for him and he had fallen for her. They both have feelings for each other and love each other. What will happen when a gurl tries to destroy there relationship will they stay together or will they breakup.


2. What Had Happened?


Well we were headed to the studio. When we got there there was his co product or  and other people. "Amma go to the store across the street be right back. "OK" I just  know he is hiding  something dark but doesn't want to tell me . "What  may i get for you" Want a Nice simple dress for parties" "Well we have this one it is very comfortable and it  has good color for like you." I'll get it!' EXCITEDLY I SAID. How much will it be?" In total it will be 230. I was very surprised at the prize but i still got the dress. I went back  to the studio and into his dressing room. I slowed down to the sound of a girls voice i looked in the dressing room and saw Justin sitting her on her lap now i know what he meant . I stood there looking thinking of what i would say. "So you have another girl i guess our relationship  is over." "IT's not what it looks like babe ur my life well u  were mine i said. I didn't know what to do so i ran  and ran till i bumped into someone and fell. It was his friend Louis  from one direction. He saw me crying. What happened? Guess Justin found a better girl than me. What do u mean? I  mean that Justin your famous friend is with another girl.  C'mon let's go see. "NO WAY" he HELD MY ARM AND PULLED ME BACK.  "Stop!" by the time i said that we were there. He took a peek and then realize what i meant.. Why Justin? he said. Justin looked up crying and  then the girl left pushing me i didn't really care though. he looked at me and at Louis then he looked down. Why did u do it Louis voice sounded angry. "I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS A BIG DEAL LEAVE ME ALONE!" "no" i AM NOT LEAVING YOU" Why  didn't u think it was a big deal because that is defiantly not the answer Justin! I...AM............VERY SORRY Emily i didn't mean..... i cut him off not caring saying U should of thought about it before u did it  because that really broke my heart  how many girls have you been with during our relation ship. NONE BUT WITH U! Please let me explain Louis looked at me saying OK. she IS JUST A FAN SHE WAS JUST SITTING IN MY LAP TO TAKE A PICTURE NOTHING ELSE. i Believe YOU I SAID. SO WE ARE STILL TOGETHER?"MAYBE"He stopped crying said did i. We ran to each other like we never seen or met each other. I give him a kiss and her Louis and his productors clapping i blush a  bit. Well we are now back together and that is what  maters . His fan was still behind the door hearing . She opened it and came in. She looked at me. Well this must be your slut Justin biting her lip` SHE ISN'T NO SLUT LIKE YOU. THAT'S RIGHT SO DON'T GET IN ANYBODY'S BUSINESS U BITCH. SLAP. OH NO YOU DIDN'T SLUT.. SLAP  OUCH!.I PULLED HER HAIR SHE SCREAMED SHE KICKED ME AND  I SOCKED HER IN THE FACE SHE WAS BLEEDING! "SECURITY'S" CALLED JUSTIN.. They came in. Take Liza out of her now i never want her back here ever again.I really felt loved by his action 's and i went up to him and hugged him tightly I LOVE  YOU! Louis was still watching. I am glade you guys are back together. Well i need to go we are making a one direction music video today so i better be going see u guys tomorrow. Bye Louis thx for your help. Any time EM.


please comment some good i ideas for what will happen in the next chapter plzz.

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