Life With a Popstar

This is about a girl that dreamed to meet justin bieber. Once when she did she had fallen for him and he had fallen for her. They both have feelings for each other and love each other. What will happen when a gurl tries to destroy there relationship will they stay together or will they breakup.


1. How we met

Emily 's prov

"Ugh it's been a long time but who cares because tomorrow i am going to met JUSTIN BIEBER for the first time!"" Finally i screamed as we got in the parking lot where Justin would be performing at!" We headed for the v.i.p door i wanted to meet him first. I bumped into someone and for my surprise it was Justin Bieber. I blushed."Hi i guess you must be Emily" he said. I asked" How do u know my name?" He said that lots of people say i am his biggest fan. I blushed again then said"yeah." His beautiful eyes made me get goosebumps and his lips look so big." So why don't we go on a date to get to know each other" he said. Of course  i said yes and smiled at him he smiled back. He showed me his dressing room and looked at me smiling. "So what do u like to do" i asked him."Well i like to sing play sports and do other stuff". I sat down on his couch and he sat besides me he looked at me with his shinny brown eyes. He soon got closer to me i smiled at him he smiled back. Just when he was going to give me a kiss they called him on stage i followed behind him. I waiting til his concert was over so we could chat a little more. All the people had left outside and were asking for his autographs and pictures. s soon as he was done with that i went with him. He showed me around and brought me upstage. I smiled hoping he would give me that kiss but he didn't . He took me back to his dressing room to talk. He told me where he might take me on the date we both decided on six flags. He took me home and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

****CREAK**** i opened the door and changed into some sweats i dreamed about me and him tomorrow on our trip and what we do together . I woke up to the sound of a car beeping i looked out and saw Justin waiting so i hurried put some jeans a t-shirt and some vans. i took my bag and went outside hopped in his car and left. "We have to make a stop to put fuel" "OK."He looked at me then i looked at him. He got back in the car. "Good morning babe " "Good morning" finally i said to myself. we got off and went inside six flags we got on all the rides and bye 10 we were sitting down and talking. I've been wondering what kind of guys u like" "Well strong cute nice and novel boys that care for me. He leaned near me without knowing he gave me a KISS! So we're on a date EM if i can could call u that. YES! I said. We went out daily . So we can i come to your house? His questioned surprised me but i said  why not later. He said OK in excitement . Around 7 we got to my house i showed him around til we finally got to my room he closed the door behind him. "What a nice house" he said Yeah my mom gave it to me before she died" sorry to her that i didn't...... i cut him off saying it's really OK . He sat close to me when our noses touched. I'm sorry i said it is OK. I then found me self kissing him while  he slowly undressed me and i undressed him. He slowly got on top of me and kissed me. As i tried not to let a moan escape my  mouth they did. Accedently  i bit  his lower lip ad he let a little moan i giggled. "Tell me you love me love me Emily  "" babe"To that we fell asleep................."Breakfast is ready " HURRY!" I'm going hold on" i shouted to him. What did u make? I made pancakes want some? YEA i wanna try  your pancakes. U never  tried them? NO! I was just asking because i thought u have tried them. 



How stupid of me to say that . Hope she doesn't  get wrong ideas. Then our relationship would  be over and i don't want that to happen. " Justinnnn Justinnnn" "What?" Well u ere sorta day dreaming and weren't paying attention. Oh sorry about that. It's OK  but, what were u dreaming of that u weren't paying attention. Ugh i don't like t lie but i have to. Um well i was thinking about a album we r going to shoot." OK" Something inside me told me she knew something was wrong.






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