Never or Forever

I'm Emily,all you need to know is 1.) I'm best friends with Niall Horan. 2.) my parents think I am a trouble making brat. 3.) and oh yeah I guess you could say I'm the most popular girl and Niall is the most popular guy.


1. This is my life, I know it sucks

 Chapter 1~Emily's POV

     Hi. I'm Emily, but most people call me Em. Just to describe myself I have fair skin and brown and purple hair, and my best friends name is Niall. I'm about 5ft, so compared to the people at my school I'm tall. You could say Niall and I are the rulers if this school. I've known Niall since I was born and we've been best friends ever since.


     I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring out music. "Ugh" I thought to myself. I got up and hopped into the shower. I just stood there, letting the hot drops of water fall onto my body. It just felt so relaxing. After I got out of the bathroom I put on a matching pair of bra and panties. I walked into my closet to find something to wear. In the end I decided to wear a purple Abercrombie shirt with light wash skinny jeans and purple Uggs. After getting dressed, I went downstairs to find mystery cooking some eggs, bacon, and toast. I grabbed the OJ from out of the fridge and poured it into five cups. I live with my mom, dad my 7 year old brother, Oliver and 11 year old twins Alison and Ariana. 


      After breakfast I heard Niall's car beep grime outside. "Gotta go everyone love you guys" I said before rushing out of the door."Hey Em, vas happening?" Asked Zayn from the back. "Nun. How 'bout you DJ Malik" I replied. "Good" he answered simply, and with that we arrived at school, where me and Niall were mobbed by people.   


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