Never or Forever

I'm Emily,all you need to know is 1.) I'm best friends with Niall Horan. 2.) my parents think I am a trouble making brat. 3.) and oh yeah I guess you could say I'm the most popular girl and Niall is the most popular guy.


2. School, another word for torture


omg thanks you guys I have 18 views, 5 favorites, and 3 likes and I just wrote this yesterday. Well bye ily guys!


Chapter 1~Emily's POV


     As soon as me, Niall, and Zayn stepped out of the car, a bunch of our so called "friends" came over to greet us. My school is seperated into three catagories. The first one are the "populars". Then we h we the "followers" which are basically the people we follow the populars. Lastly we have the "ultimate lows". But I don't go by those principles and neither does Niall. Most of our most trustworthy friends are the "ultimate lows". 


     Hallie, also known as the school slut, came up to me. "Hey Em, what's up" Hallie asked, not intrested what so ever. "Nothing Hallie, how 'bout you?" I asked in the same voice she asked me. Let me explain, you see, Hallie and I have a rough relationship I guess you could say. When we where in 10th year she decided that my boyfriend, Josh, was better for her. So I found out from Niall that she slept with him. As soon as I found out, I went over to his house broke up with him and kicked him in his balls. Then I went over to Hallie's house and, yep you guessed it, beat the shot out of her.


     After my little "chat" with Hallie, I went to 1st block, PE. The best part about school is that I have all of my classes with Niall. Thank god, because with out Niall in all of my classes I swear I would blow a fuse. 


     At lunch I sat at my usual table with Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. Of course people wanted to sit over here, but the last time someone tried, I started to yell and scream at that person, and it never happened again.

     Just then somebody decided to sit here, but I didn't yell or scream, because I was in total shock. 

     It was...


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