The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


8. Chapter 8

"Al, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I hate it when you ignore me. I'm sorry" Annabel kept pleading.
"Please be quiet." I said. "I'm not mad at you,I just have something important to do." I explained to her.
She sits for a minute. . . . . "Okay!"
We reach the tree house and burst in. Finn and Jake look with alarm.
"What's going on Al?" Finn asked.
I was going to tell them, but then I kind of chickened out. Kind of. I mean, I didn't want to scare them, and what if they hated me? they didn't know what might happen, and if they did it could be chaos.
"um, Billy, I saw him, and he um, wanted me to tell you he said hello." I thought of that quickly.
They relaxed. "Oh. Cool beans."
I sighed. We went to the living room to play some BMO. I sat down with my cookies and chocolate milk, put the blanket on, and grabbed the BMO remote. I turned on the game.
As soon as I fell settled, the doorbell rings. "You'll get it." Jake says to me.
"Wow." I get up and walk over to the door. Instead of opening it, I looked out the window. The ice king? That old fool?
I opened the door, told him nobody cares, then slammed it again.
"Who was that?" Finn asked.
"The Ice King. But it's cool cool. I handled that fool fool."
He gives a small laugh.
"I gotta take a potty- house break." Jake says.
As soon a he leaves I say "freak." Finn laughs again. I loved it here. Annabel was asleep, it was already starting to get dark out. The candles were lit, and we were just hanging out being friends, playing BMO. We shared laughs, and giggles. Then Finn looks me in the eye.
"This has been bugging me forever. The Bubblegum Ball is coming up. I really wanna go with you, and, and I like you. More than a regular like. Yeah. And then Bubblegum, but Flame Princess got in the way, the ball is supposed be fun. I know fancy Balls aren't really your thing, but I just, wanted to, wanted to go with you. So, do you think you will, I guess?"
I slap him.
"OF COURSE YOU IDIOT!" I kissed him on the cheek and ran to go call someone.

*Finn's POV*
I finally worked up the courage to say it. Then she slapped me. I thought something was wrong, but then she said "OF COURSE YOU IDIOT" and kissed me. Most people would look at me and think WOOOW. One girl breaks up with him and he gets with another girl right after. That's terrible. You should be ashamed. Blahbidy blah blah blah.
But really, I liked Bubblgum for a long time. Eventually I got over the fact she's older than me and got with Flame princess. Then Ali comes and screws everything up. And I really liked both of them, but since I was with Flame Princess, I decided it was for the best. She breaks up with me, and I realize it must be fate or something like that and Al was destined to be with me and glob.
I didn't like royal balls either, but I felt it was a way to get closer to Al.
Al ran off to go talk to somebody.
Earlier today she had me worried when she came home with Annabel. Personally, I don't think she was telling the full truth. Something's up, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.
Jake comes back and notices Al was gone. "Where's the lady?" he asks.
"I- I did it. I asked her to the Bubblegum Ball. And she said yes!" I told him. He didn't look excited.
"I'm glad buddy." he said.
"Jake? What's going on?" I ask.
"Nothing. It's just, we never have bro time anymore. I like Al, she's great, but I don't think you should be her guyfriend. You need to focus on your adventuring. Lately it's been Al and kissing and dating and junk. I have to fight monsters more often by myself and I never get to hang out with JUST you. I don't think it's the best idea to go to the Bubblegum Ball with her. It'll be a guy night that night." he explains.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"But Al loves adventuring with us. I love her Jake, like you love Rainicorn. And plus, we haven't kissed! I mean, she kissed me on the cheek, but other then that-" I tried to get him to side with me.
"But it's never just us! I'm sorry bro, it's for the best."
Al comes back.
"Maybe. . . maybe this isn't a good idea." I told her. She frowned. Oh my crease, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. "The ball, I mean. Why waste are time on stupid dancing and junk? It's not like-"
I looked into her eyes. Those eyes, they're so powerful. It jacks me up. Every time I look into them, it's like I fall under a spell.
"What are you trying to say?" she asks me.
'Just kidding? Haha." I laughed nervously.
She just gave me a strange look. "Okayyyy? Let's get back to BMO."
I can feel Jake watching me, sighing. I'm gonna have to do something, not sure what exactly, but something to please everybody. Cause that's how I roll.

*Al's POV*

After Finn asked me to the ball, I ran to the phone to call Marceline.
"Yeah, I know! He asked me to the BALL! I know it's not my thing, but ERMERGERD!"
"That's awesome."
We chated for a few, then I went back out to play more BMO.
Finn acted all cra- cra. He was talking about not going to the ball, and stuff. He had me worried. But the ball was tomorrow, and- OH MY GLOB! IT'S TOMORROW!!! I completely didn't think twice about it. I finished up playing BMO, then told Finn I hd to go to bed.
"Gnight." he said.
"Gnight." I replied. I actually did go to bed, but got up bright and early.
I called Marceline and we went out to do some dress shopping. "Are you sure you want to wear a dress?" She asked, yawning.
"Well, I don't know exactly yet. I might not go all fancy." i told her.
"It's a ball. You're supposed to dress fancy." She tried to reason with me.
"But it's not part of the rules?" I clarify.
"No, but-" She started. I interupted her, that was enough for me.
"Then there you go."
I decided to stop by a dress shop, but I didn't like anything. We went to many stores, but I didn't like anything. Marceline suggested this one shop she thought I would like. I went in and tried it on. By it I mean the one.
I cam out of the dressing room with this on.
"You know what? that could be the one!" She said.
I widened my eyes. "Really!? You actually think so!?" I couldn't believe it. I loved it, it fit, and someone else actually likes it? That's like, bloobaloby for me! I never get lucky like that. I hope Finn likes it.
"Yeah. Pretty sweet."
It wasn't TOO expensive, only about $45 bucks.
"Marceline, can I tell you something?" I ask.
"Yeah, anything." She bites into an apple she picked from a tree.
"Well, I was on my way to pick up Annabel, and then the Lich, we fought. It nearly killed me, but then the legendary Billy saved me. I've been researching a lot.the bottom line is I need to know if I should tell Finn and Jake that the Lich plans to come into my world and destroy it, also destroying the Land of Ooo." I let it out. It felt so good to tell somebody.
"Oh geez." Marceline exclaimed.

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