The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


7. Chapter 7

Me and Marceline- Sorry, Marceline and I worked all night on divising a plan. We even had to call Jake over. Eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was on her couch. My back was sore. No doubt it was the couch's fault. I get up. Where is she?
I walk around trying to look for her. Out of the blue, when I'm in the kitchen, she jumps out and scares the bajeebles out of me with some sort of mask on. I screamed and fell over.
"Like it?" she asks. "I was working on it all night. We can use it for the prank."
I smiled. We might actually be able to pull this off. :)
I looked at the time. 11:00. "Hey, I should be going. Jake and F- Jake is probably wondering where I am." I say. I grab my things and run off.
"See you later?" she asks.
I smile. An actual good friend. "Yeah. Bye."
I didn't feel like calling Jake to pick me up. Walking. I could use the excersise. I reach the door, but as soon as I go to open it, it opens for me. Out comes Flame Princess. "Oh, I, uh" she studders.
"Yeah." I say as I walk past her.
"What's for b-fast?" I holler, plopping my stuff down.
"Bakin' pancakes. Makin' bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and ya put it in a pancake. Bacon pankcakes, that's what it's gonna make. Bacon pancaaaaaaaaakkkeesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hear from upstairs.
"Is somebody makin' bacon pancakes?" I ask Jake, clearly knowing he sang the song.
"Why yes, madam." he exclaims.
I smile. "Good, cuz I am starvvvvedd." I sit down and help myself. My eyes widen
"Woah, did I do something wrong?" Jake asks in alarm.
I walk up to him. We're face to face. I grab his head. "THESE ARE THE BEST FLUFFIN EPIC BACON PANCAKES THAT EVER FLIPPIN EXSISTED IN THE WHOLE STUPID UNIVERSE!!!!!!" I scream into his face.
"Haha, true that." he said as he went to go make more.
Finn comes up.
"Hey Jake. Hey Al." He exclaims happily. I ignore him.
"Okayyyyy." he says awkwardly.
Just then, the phone rings. "I got it!" Finn backflips out of his chair and runs to the phone. I smile shyly. No. Just no.
"Yello. . . . uh-huh. Okay. We'll be right there. Mkay. Buh-by." He hangs up.
"It was Dr. Ice Cream. She said your sister is awake and healthy."
My eyes widened and I smiled. "Jake?" I ask.
"On it." We hop on and he brings us to the hospital. When we go inside, Annabel and Doctor Ice Cream are blabbing. When she sees me, she comes running. We give each other a big hug. Oh my grod, I didn't realize how much I missed her. We didn't say anything for a minute.
"Annabel, don't you EVER do that again. You really scared me." I explain to her.
She nods. "I know. But this place is awesome. The people, the buildings, everything is made of CANDY!" Her eyes widen with excitement. Dr. Ice Cream was telling me about the land of Ooo. It sounds amazing."
"Wait until you meet Princess Bubblegum." I say.
"There's a PRINCESS!? A REAL LIVE PRINCESS?! AND YOU GOT TO MEET HER?!" she starts flipping out.
"Yeah, yeah."

Jake coughs. "I believe it would be rad if somebody showed her the greatest heroes in all of Ooo that save the PRINCESS every week."
"Right. Finn, Jake, take her to see Billy." I joked. Personally, Billy is the best hero. But he's sort of . . . . we don't like to talk about it. But other than that, Finn and Jake are pretty much the best.
"I'm kidding. Annabel, meet Finn and Jake, the greatest heroes in all of Ooo." I turn her towards them.
"Um, Al. That ones a dog." Annabel points to Jake.
"Well, well. I just might have to show you what I can do." Jake says. "First, as you can tell, I can talk. And also . . ." He stretches into a giant butterfly. "I can magically stretch!"
"Wow! That's awesome. Now can I see the princess?" she ask in excitement.
"Yeah, I can go see if she's there." I pat her on the back and we walk out of the hospital.
"Now the question is . . . . how do I get you home?" I say.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I DON'T WANNA GO!!! THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!! Plus I missed you. I don't wanna leave you again."
I sighed.
I missed her too. A lot. But I know the land of Ooo is not safe for her, especially since she's little.
"Well let's go see PB." I told her.
We make our way to the castle. Jake called her and told her we were on our way over. We reached the castle. The princess was waiting for us. She was wearing her hair out with a short light pink dress and a dark pink, short- sleeved jacket. Annabel screamed when she saw her.
"A REAL LIVE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!" she shrieked. Without thinking, she ran up to PB and gave her a hug.
"Oh, um-" Princess Bubblegum looked confused.
"Hey Poibles." Finn said. "This is Al's sister, Annabel. She, well, she loves princesses, as you can see."
PB just laughs.
"How would you like a tour of the castle, Annabel?" she asked.
We all laugh. "I can tell she's in good hands, so I'll leave her with you, if that's okay." I tell PB.
"Yeah, it's fine. I'd love to have her. More humans. Yay." She said that last part sort of sarcastically. The Princess is cool and stuffs, but when it comes to humans, she gets really awkward. It creeps me out. I mean, I know she's a good person, and I trust her with Annabel, though.
We leave them to do whatever. Nobody says anything until we got back to the tree house.
"Hey Al? Can I, uh, ask you something?" he asked nervously.
"You just did." I told him jokingly.
I decided to forget everything. I should be happy for him. He has a girlfriend, and we never really had anything. We will be friends. And that will be good. "I, um, no." He laughs. "I have to ask you another question. I, was wondering, um, if-" I looked him in the eyes. "I was wondering if you, uh, wanted some leftover spaghetti." He turned away and hurried over to the fridge, dug through it and pulled out some spaghetti. "See, spaghetti!" He ran over to the table and set it down.
"Is there something wrong?" I asked him, obviously knowing something was wrong.
"No, why?"
I look him in the eyes again.
He sighed.
"Yea. Me and Flame Princess, we didn't exactly break up, but, she said we need time apart. She said I seemed confused about my love life, and glob. Gahhhhh, love is confusing. It makes me feel weird."
Part of me was happy, but another part felt bad.
"I'm sorry." No other option came to my mind, so I gave him a hug. He hugged back.
"Thanks." He got up and walked away.
I smiled. At least I'm talking to him. I still don't think he asked me what he wanted to ask me. But whatever. It was a nice little chat. I yelled for him again. He ran in. "Yeah?"
"You still up for spaghetti?" I asked, still smiling. We eat and talk, just about random crap, not bringing up love or Flame Princess or junk like that. "Mmmm This is good spaghetti."
"It's Jake's. . . . . . have you ever played Card Wars?" he asked suddenly.
"No. What is it?" I told him.
"We should play. I mean, just without Jake. He's my bro, but when it comes to Card Wars, just no. He can get a little cra- cra." He explained.
"Well after we finish our food, I have to go pick up Annabel, but maybe after that." I said.
We finished up in silence.
Instead of calling for Jake, I decided I could just walk.
"I can walk with you, if you want." Finn offered. I was about to say yes, but I needed a little time to myself. I put on my sweatshirt, shoes, and grabbed a cool bow plus 10 arrows I found earlier.
"Naw, I'm good." I exclaimed.
He just shrugged and walked away singing some random song. I just giggle to myself. Strange kid.
I head out. The candy kingdom isn't TOO much of a walk. It's only about a mile or two. You know, as long as nothing else gets in your way, like the Ice King. Or a monster. Or anything else. I sang a song as I walked.
"We stand tall. Watch them fall. Break the chains, and now we'll show them all. Fight for all you know, when your back's against the wall. Stand against the liars. Stronger than before, when you're life becomes a war. Set the world on fire. Proud in all you are, showing every scar, as your badge of honor. When you can't take any more of what they're living for, set the world on fire."
Set the World on Fire, by Black Veil Brides. It reminded me of how much I missed home. I used to listen to it all the time when I felt depressed, or was being bullied at school.
Just then, the ground started to shake. I unleashed my bow. I pulled an arrow in the notch, and waited for something to appear. For a second, nothing did. But hen something did. I wasn't sure what it was. I shot at it, but I missed every time. I've had practice before. I'm never THIS bad. It kept dodging. But then I realized, it wasn't dodging. It was disappearing then reappearing out of the arrow's path.
It took a swing and hit me in the leg. It hurt, it hurt a lot, but I kept going. I pulled my last arrow. It flew straight for the thing, I was sure it was going to hit.
I didn't miss. But I didn't hit the thing. The thing caught the arrow. He threw it back at me, I was freaking out Even though I was freaking out, I was paralyzed with fear. Just when it was about to hit me, something jumped in front. It was way too big to be human. Maybe just a plain old giant? Well whatever it was, it was protecting me.
The thing and the good guy fought.
"Go! Run! Get out of here" the good guy yelled.
I wanted to help, but I was defenseless. "Are you okay?" That was the stupidest thing that could come out of my mouth. Of course not.
The bad thing disappeared.
"Crud. I lost him" The good guy said. "Are you okay?" This time he asked me.
I looked at him. He was HUGE. I snap myself out of my thoughts. "Uh, yeah. And may I ask who you are?" I said.
"Billy." He replied.
Finn told me about this guy; the greatest hero of all time, or something. Yeah, I remember.
"Wow. Um- thanks for saving me?" I had no clue what to say.
"Your welcome. I must go now. But please, beware. That thing that attacked you, that was the Lich. He's very powerful. Tell Finn I said hello." With that, he runs off. As he runs, the Lich comes back and tackles Billy.
"Billy!" I scream. They go off into the distance.
It's useless to catch up. I sigh and pick up my arrows. I hope he's alright. Then something popped into my noggin. Worryingly, I quickly ran and picked up Annabel. We charged back to the castle, I didn't really talk to her. I felt kind of bad, but if I were going to save Finn and Jake, I had to hurry.

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