The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


6. Chapter 6

I know we're not technically dating, but I thought we at least had a small thing going on. But now it's ruined. I explain all of that to Jake. He looked like he felt awkward. "Uhhhhh, I suggest you, uhh, talk it out, with uhhh, somebody that's not meeee . . . . . But I'm glad your back, and uh, I'm sure Finn will be too, right?!" I can tell he's never done this before and never really plans too. No. I gotta get over it. We never really had something, so why should I be sad? Plus, I always have Andrew, right? I think. Just then, we here a thud outside.
I look at Jake with alarm. I still wasn't sure if the portal closed behind me. Without a word, we both dash to the field. I can barely make out who it is. I notice Finn and that Flame girl sprinting alongside us.
ANNABEL!!!! "It's my sister!" I scream.
Oh my glob. Oh my glob. This is not good. I finally reach her. "Annabel, are you okay?" A fall like that my first time injured my head. "She must've followed me here." I say, kneeling next to her. "Jake, can you please take me and her to the candy hospital?" I ask, making sure to ignore Finn.
"Sure thing." he replies. I climbed on and propped Annabel up. She just probably got the wind knocked out of her. But just in case, the candy hospital is a safer bet.
I try talking to her on the way. I'm not sure if she can hear me or not, but I continue anyway. "Annabel, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be alright." What if she was- no. She can't be. I felt tears come to my eyes. She's not dead. She can't be dead. It's alright. It's gonna be fine. I can hear her breathing.
After what seemed like an eternity, we reached the hospital.
"DOCTOR ICE CREAM!!!!!" I yelled. "DOCTOR ICE CREAM!!!" I screamed. She appeared with a smile on her face. Then her face tuned to worry.
"What happened?" she asked, taking Annabel and laying her down in a hospital bed.
"Um, I. . . ." I still didn't wanna tell about the portal. I don't know why. "She, um, fell, and hit the ground really hard. She's my little sister. Is she alright?" I explain quickly.
"Oh my! But I'm pretty sure she'll be alright. Just a mild concussion and maybe a broken arm. But nothing more.
At that moment, Finn burst in. "What happened?!" he cried. He was still with that girl. I felt like crying again. Nope. No jealousy. Not at all. I decided to ignore her.
"It's my sister. She came through the portal behind me." That came out harsher than I meant it to be.
"Okayyyy. Jake, can I talk to you in the other room for a moment?" he asked. They went to another room, which left me with an unconscious Annabel, a doctor Ice Cream, and a Flame girl. Doctor Ice cream said she'll be right back. I ignored the girl.
"I'm Flame Princess." she says.
I still ignored her. "I'm sorry for what happened to your sister." I can tell she's trying to be nice, but sometimes I don't like nice.
"Yeah." is all I said.
I could tell she felt awkward, too. "Soo, what's your name?" she asked me, trying to make conversation.
"Al." I don't feel like talking. Thank glob Finn and Jake come out.
"Heyy, Flame Princess, wanna come look at, uh, something?" Jake asks.
"Sure!" she says happily.
Finn walks over to me. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know you'd be coming back. I had to get over it, because facts were you probably weren't gonna come back. And I had to realize that we never really had something."
I looked away, blushing. But that doesn't mean i wasn't still mad. I didn't say anything.
"I'm having a hard time too, you know. It's not just you." He walks away. I kinda felt bad. Eh. Me and Finn will be good as friends, right? I decide it's time to head back to the treehouse. I'll come visit Annebel tomorrow. All 4 of us walked in silence. Finn walked Flame Princess home, while Jake and I went straight for the treehouse. When we arrived, I didn't even bother talking to BMO, I went straight for my room, even though BMO had set up a new video game.
Maybe I could spend the night at Marcelines place. I called her up. "Heyy, is it okay if I stay at your place tonight?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's fine. I got nothing better to do." she exclaimed. "See you in 10?"
"Yeah, by." I hung up. I packed a few things in a small bag, and called for Jake. "JAKE, CAN YOU TAKE ME TO MARCELINE'S?! I'M GONNA STAY THERE FOR THE NIGHT AND STUFF!" I screamed.
"SURE THING" he screamed back.
I hopped on his back, and he took me there. "This is far as I go." he said when we reached her cave thing. I shrugged and walked in. What's his problem? I knocked on the door.
"COME IN!" I heard her yell. I walked in. Her house is pretty sweet. I heard something coming from upstairs. "One minute!" I hear. She flies in. Litteraly. "What's up?" She's really pretty. Long flowing black hair and deep, sparkling black eyes, and pale skin with no acne. She's wearing a black tank top with a red and black checkered top that's too long, some black ripped jeans, and her usual red boots. Her hair was in messy pigtails.
"Nothing much." I say.
"Woah, dude. You look sad." she exclaims.
"It's nothing." I tell her.
"C'mon, tell me It's okay." She motions for me to sit on the couch. I go ahead. I plop down, like I would on any regular couch. Instantly, I got a headache. The couch was almost as hard as brick. "Oh sorry. I never really sit much. I usually float." she explains. Now she tells me.
"Marceline, have you ever had your heart broken before?" I ask out of the blue.
"Yeah, why?" she asks.
"I don't know. Finn's dating that Flame Princess girl when I thought he liked me. And I really liked him. But we didn't physically date. On the other hand, There's this one guy back where I lived, and, and he's really nice and sweet too. Gahhhhh. Why does life have to be so stupid and confusing?" I'm not necisaily talking to her, but more to myself out loud. It feels better to get it out.
"Okay, woah, woah , woah. First, I say you should like the kid back home better. Finn's emotions get messed up sometimes, and he cand be pretty wierd. -" she satrted
"But I-"
"And second, just cuz he's dating Flame Princess now, and we can, I say we shoud do a little prank." That caught my attention.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"You know, prank? Like haha, in your face. You just got pranked. that stuff?" I nodded.
"Of course." I said, listening for more. She explained to me. She's a genius. I love this girl. I should really hang around her more often. We talked about the prank. It was going to require work, but it's worth it. Get ready Finn, cause I'm coming.

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