The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


5. Chapter 5

"So this is the exact portal that got you to Ooo?" he asks.
"Yup." I reply.
"Are you gonna go in it." he asks again. I don't take my eyes off the portal.
"I think so." I wasn't completely sure, though. If I stepped through, it could be possible that I would never see them again. But I could see Annabel. I hug Jake and give Marceline an awkward high five.
"So you're saying you might never co-" starts Finn. I kissed him on the cheek, interupting him. He blushes.
"If I never come back, I want you guys to have this." It sounded nice, but I didn't have anything to give them. So I quickly took off my headphones necklace and put it around Finn's neck. "By guys." I said with a wave, then stepped through the portal.

*Jake's POV*

I love Al. As a friend. But I could tell by the look of Finn's face he was sad. Miserable. And just as we all suspected, the portal closed behind her.
"Too bad." Marceline breaks the silence. "She seemed like a pretty cool girl." and with that, she flies off. I grow huge and Finn hops on my back. i try to talk to him and make him feel better, but he won't talk to me. He just mopes and weeps.


It's been 3 months and Finn's a lot happier and rarely talks about Al. I try to keep the subject away from him. He even met another girl. Her name is Flame princess. I'm not the fondest of her, but Finn's my bro, and I'm glad he's happy. I felt good today, and I decided to make some bacon pancakes. I sing my bacon pancakes song. "Bacon pancakes! Makin bacon pancakes! Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake! Bacon pancakes! That's what it's gonna make! Bacon pancakessssss!!!!"
"What'cha singin, bro?" Finn comes in.
"Since when were you here?" I ask, ignoring his question.
"Since I heard you singing."
"Where were you?" I wondered.
"Out with Flame Princess. Jake, I feel wierd. All warm inside. I it because she's dangerous? GAHH! I don't like it." he says, wandering off in his imagination zone.
"Here. Have some bcon pancakes." I hand him a plate. Just then, we here a crash outside. We look at eachother. Does it really mean? Could it be? Al?! We rush outside, but only to find some guy kicking around a cardboard box. "FACEBOOK!" he yells, and throws a book at my face. Then he runs off.
"Next time." I say, then back away into the house. Finn went back to Flame princess, and I decided to take a day long nap. When I wake up, the last person I expect to see is in front of me, tears streaming down her face. "Oh my glob, Al, what's wrong?!"
She points out the window.

*Al's POV*

3 months earlier

The portal closed behind me.  I kind of new it would happen. But I couldn't help the fact that I would probably never see them again. Just then I started to feel woozy, and Annabel rushed in. She gasped. "AL!" I pulled her into a hug.
"Hey!" I said, about to fall over.
"Where the Fluff were you? I missed you so much. I thought you were gone forever!" Feeling like I shouldn't tell a 7 year old about a portal to the Land Ooo, I decided to tell her I went to Andrew's house, the guy who helped me at the park. But then I looked into those sad little puppy dawg eyes. I couldn't tell her a lie. Either way she'd find out. Plus I love her oto much.
"I'll tell you where I was, but you have to promise me you won't tell ANYONE!"
She nodded.
I explained everything. From the portal there, to Finn and Jake, to the Ice King, to Marceline, to the portal back home. Her eyes shown she was amazed. 
"Now remember, you can't tell anyone, not even mom and dad." I told her. She nodded again.
"If you ever go again, can I come with?" Annabel asks me.
"I don't know, Annabel. I don't know." I said, stroking her hair. "Now go eat dinner. I'm gonna take a nap, m'kay?" I tell her, and she runs off. I lay down, not able to fall asleep.

*Now back to the present but still before the portal back to Ooo*

"GAHHHH!!! MY HAIR'S MESSED UP!" I cry. I'm going to hang out at the carnival with Andrew today.
"Ali, calm dow-" started Annabel.
"DON'T SASS ME!! WHERE'S MY FLUFFIN HAIR BRUSH!?" I scream. Okay. Maybe a teensy weensy bit dramatic. But still. I won't want my hair to look like a rat's nest.
Ding dong!!!
ANSWER THE DOOR AND DO NOTHING ELSE!" I screamed to nobody inpirticular. 
I quickly ran to the bathroom, brushed my hair, and put on this. [polyvore] 
Except the backpack. I applied some eyeliner and black eye shadow, then quickly dashed down the stairs. My sister was still talking to him. "Heyy!" I said, casually.
"Hi." he exclaimed. Annabel looked at us strangely.
"I'm just gonna leave now." she said. And with that, she skipped away. I gave him a quick smile. He returned it, and he grabbed my hand. I told my mom I was leaving. She said okay, and gave me $35. We walked out the door.
The fair was amazing. We went on the rides. ALL the rides. We got pizza, fries, and snowcones. He even won me a stuffed domo! As we exited the carnival, we were laughing. This is one of the best times I've ever had. Except with Finn. No. No Finn. Focus on the present.
I waved goodbye, and he biked off. Yes, we rode a double bike to the carnival. Got a problem with that?
I decided it was late, so I might as well go to bed. I got into my P.J's, and climbed under the warm comforter. I lie awake thinking of Ooo. It's been 3 months. Maybe I might as well face the facts. Then I hear a familiar noise. I look back, and to match the noise, was the swirling purple vortex.
I excitedly dashed over to my closet where I kept a special trunk if I were ever to go to Ooo again. I packed a bunch of stuff. Then I remembered Annabel. I left a quick note saying sorry and that I loved her, but I just couldn't take her.
I leaped through. This time I didn't black out, but it was quite a fall, and I felt pretty dizzy. I run over to the house, a little wobbly, but I'm still on my feet. I decide to run around back. But my heart stops as soon as I reach him. Finn. He . . . I . . . I felt tears fill up inside of me. I ran inside the treehouse, up to Jake. He saw me and asked whats wrong. I pointed out the window. Finn was kissing some Flame girl.

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