The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


4. Chapter 4

I wake up in the morning to dark clouds. I was about to go back to sleep, and I almost did. Then Finn decides to burst in and scare the crap out of me screaming "KNIFE STORM!!!!!"
"God, Finn you scared the filling out of my donut!" I cried.
"Sorry. But um, THERE'S A FLUFFIN KNIFE STORM OUTSIDE! COME LOOK!" He dragged me out of bed, and I felt dizzy. Is he always up this early. I decided to tune him out. Then all of the sudden, Jake tackles me and starts screaming "GUYS, GUESS WHAT?" He gives no time for answers. Finn's about to speak when Jake just keeps on blabbing. "THERE'S A KNIFE STORM!!" he screams.
Finn screeches back "I KNOW, BRO, I JUST TOLD AL!!!"
"Well then. If you have to be like that." Jake laughed. Remind me to murder him later. Slowly. Painfully.
We walked outside. I kept walking and Finn pulled me back. "Don't go out there, you'll die." he says. His arms go around my waist. I would usually draw back and slap him, but I didn't know why I didn't. Just then, Jake popped up in the middle of us.
"Dare me to run through that knife storm?" Jake says.
"Awww, Jake?! You son of a poop." Finn says. He's blushing again while grunting. Jake just laughs and runs through the knife storm to the other side.
"You're gonna die, Jake, just wait. And when you do, I will cry. And I don't like crying." I said.
"Whatever." he said.
Me and Finn just sat there, as Jake made some spaghetti (sp?), watching the knife storm. Knife storm. Not something you see everyday. I rested my head in Finn's lap. I wasn't trying to be romantic, and as I lay there, I feel it getting awkward, and Finn knew that. So he pushed my head off his lap and said "Get off me, wierdo!" I just laughed. A few minutes later, Jake came back with some spaghetti.
"SPAGHETTI IS HERE!!!" he cried. We ate in silence, just watching the storm roll over. We finished, and the storm passed a few minutes after that.
"I know this sounds wacked, but we need to go shopping." I say, sort of quiet.
"WHY!!!!!???" Jake complains.
"Because I have no clothes." I whined back. "Hey. Shopping isn't too much of my thing either, but it must be done. FOR THE SAKE OF THE ORPHANS!" I cried, making my way down the tree.
"What orphans?" Finn asks. I just shrug.
We head on over to a nearby town. Not like a poor village or anything, but not as nice as a regular town. They had a lot of cool stuff, though.
I buy these: [polyvore]
and a pair of plaid pajama pants and a plain black T- shirt. Here's what I think about fashion. I buy stuff I like, that way, I don't have to make a decision on what to wear in the morning. I'll pick something random, and I know I'll like it, cause I only buy suff I like. It's not like I'm obsessed with fashion though, again, I just buy what I like. That's it.
"Now that that junk's over," Finn says. "let's go sleigh some monster butt."
"I thought you said you were gonna show me around the rest of Ooo." I say, but I'm okay. I think I got the idea. Just then, I see a girl fly by. "Who was that?" I ask, still eyeing that girl. She looks like me. Except her eyes are pretty much a sliver off of black. Mine are more of inbetween a dark and light chcolate.
"Oh, she's Marceline. The vampire queen." Finn explains.
"WHERE!?" Jake says, hiding behind a barrel. "I mean, uh, yeah, Marceline's pretty, sweet. Radical. Awesome.Mathematical. Algebraic."   he goes off into his own scramble of words.
"A vampire?! Sweet. You know they don't exsist in our world." I say. Then I ask "Out of curiosity, what planet is this?"
Finn looks confused. "Earth . . . whyyy?"
"So we are from the same planet, I guarentee that." I say. "But nevermind. How bout I meet this Marceline?" I ask.
"Yeah, I guess you could. But let's go drop this stuff off at home first." he suggests. I nod. We make our way back to the house. I'm slightly just a tad bit overweight for my age. I'm not fat, so people tell me, but just slightly overweight. All this walkings gonna pay off. We make it back to  the house, I drop off my stuff into what is now my room. Finn goes to call Marceline.
A few minutes later, he says she's on her way. We wait around playing video games. They have a T.V., but it's broken. the repairman's coming in about a week.
Just then, something startles me. "Hey, Finn! Hiiiii Jake. Who's your friend?" I jump. Then i turn around. A girl like this is in front of me: [polyvore]
"Oh hey, Marceline. This is Al. We found her blacked out on our field-" I shoot him a warning look. He just stops talking.
"Hey!" she says. "Oh, Finn! I have a little thing I need to record. Can you help?"
"Shure!" he agrees.
"What'cha doin?" I ask.
"Oh! Marceline's a singer, and a guitar player, and I beep box. You could help, do you have any musical talent?" Finn asks. 
"I do play piano and sing little." I said.
"Perfect." Marceline says. "I have no clue how, but that reminds me of something." she says.
"What?" All 3 of us ask at once.
"JINX!" I yell.
"Aw, poop." Jake says. I hit him hard. "Owwww." I hit him harder. "What the- I'll be quiet now." I hit him even harder.
"Finn, finn, finn!" Marceline says, unjinxing Finn. "But anyway, I saw this one swirling purple portal. You wanna check it out?" she questions.
"YES!!!" I'm the first one to respond. She takes us to it.

"Are you sure?" finn asks.
"Yup." I'm positive of it.
"Here it is." Marceline shows us. And that comfirms it 100%. It's the exact same portal that got me to Ooo.


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