The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


3. Chapter 3

*Al's POV*

"LET ME GO!!!" I screamed at the ice king. I got hit on the head with a penguin and blacked out. When I woke up, Finn and Jake were gone and I was locked up in a cage. At least wildberry princess was safe, though.
"No, I can't let a princess go." he said. A princess?
"I'm not a princess." I said weakly,
"You're not?" he asked. "Well, um, this is awkward . . . . . But you're still my prisoner. And therefore, I cannot let you go." he said. "Now excuse me, but I have to go potty in the bathroom." He walked away.
"I'M GONNA FLIP OUT ON YOU!!!!" It was no use. Then I saw a penguin. Well, I saw lots of penguins actually. And then I spotted a key on the table. "Mr. Penguin?" I said nicely, kneeling down. He wadled toward me.
"Hi Mr. Penguin. Can you go get that key for me?" I asked him, still making sure to be nice. He headed for the table. Just then the Ice King came in.
"GUNTER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He wacked the penguin and it flew across the room.
"Cruel." I exclaimed. All the sudden, I heard an explosion.
"I'M GONNA BEAT YOU ICE KING!!!" Finn? It was Finn?! My hero, sort of thingy, I guess. He screams, charging at the ice king. He punches him in the face. I just sit there, and watch as they beat him up. Jake came over and unlocked me.
"Thanks." I said. "I thought you guys forgot about me."
"Naw. i'd never forget about you- I mean- that's not what I- grrrr." Finn struggled. I just giggled.
"Come on lazy butt. Lez get back home. Maybe you could show me the rest of the Land of Ooo tomorrow." I exclaimed. I was tired as heck. Even though it was, what, 6:00?
"Crudmuffins, I forgot to meat Lady today!" Jake cried out of the blue.
"Who's Lady?" I ask.
Jake takes a breath like he's about to talk, when Finn interupts him. "Jake's girlfriend. She's a rainicorn." he explains.
I give them a questiong look.
"A rainicorn. Don't you havethose from where you come from? Long, can fly, no wings, horns, rainbow, long hair-" he goes on.
"Noooo." I say. "We have unicorns and rain, but no rainicorns."
"Who cares?! I was late to meet her, and now she might be mad at me!!!" Jake screams.
"I'm sure one day won't hurt." Finn comforts him.
"What about that other time, where we were fighting that evil science cat and that other thing?" Jake mentions.
"Ok. Twice. But it's not gonna matter."
Just then, we arrive home. I still can't believe I got to come to this world, and meet all these amazing people. then I realize, my home. I'm not necisarily homesic, but what about Annabel? She must be dying to find me. "Hey guys. . . ., I'll be right back. . . ." I said. I headed out to the middle of the field. This may sound stupid, and it is, but I concentrated with all my might on opening a portal back to my house. It didn't work. I knew it was too good to be true. I jogged back to the house
"What did ya do???" asked Finn.
"Notin." I replied. "just get some fresh air."
Even though I was still tired, I wanted to stay awake. Do something else fun. This beats any day back home. No. Do not think about home. But maybe if I could just try hard enough, and get that portal open . . . "STUPID!" i yelled at myself.
Finn and Jake looked. I smiled weakly. "Sorry. Talkin to myself."
Since we had nothing else to do, they showed me around the tree house, and introduced me to BMO. It's their video game system. but get this, it's alive. And it's so fluffin adorable.
"I'm gonna leave you to lovebirds alone to play videogames so I can call Lady and apoligize." Jake said.
Finn blushed and grunted, but I giggled shyly.
"Not cool, bro!" Finn yells as he tosses a pillow at him. Jake just runs away laughing. "Sorry bout that." he turns to me.
'Naw, iz okay." I say.
We played this one really complicated game, I'm not sure exactly what it's called, but you basically kill giant bugs, and theres ones that come out of nowhere. When we were done, the score was Me- 12, him- 6.
"Good game." i exclamed, and kissed him on the cheek. i know, a little too much, but I kinda like him. Then another thought popped in my head as I remembered Andrew. the guy who rescued me sorta in the skate park. Kindergarten- guys are yucky! 3rd grade- Guys are cute, but I never plan on dating one. 5th grade- I'll never get a boyfriend. :/ Now (7th grade)- I'm stuck between two boys! Not cool. Last year and the year before, I thought I'd never have a boyfriend. i was just that unlucky. Now I'm stuck between two. GRR! I HATE DRAMA!!!
I reach into my pocket and pull out a slip of paper. His number.
"hey Finn, do you or jake have a phone?" I ask.
"Yeah, jake has one. lemme go get it." he exclaims, then runs off. I wait patiently on the couch. he comes back with the wierdest phone ever. Finn showed me how to use it.
"Thanks." I said. I dialed his number.
"Hello." he answered.
"Hey Andrew, it's Al." i said. It took him a minute for him to respond.
"Oh! Heyy Al!" he exclaimed.
"Hi. Sorry I haven't been able to talk. I've been super busy lately. And I never really got to tell you thanks for sort of saving me back there." I explained.
"Naw, it's ok. You wanna hang out today?" he asked.
"I'd love to, but I don't think that's going to be physically possible today." I said. I really wanted to though, and I felt my heart drop a little bit.
"Oh." I could hear the depression in his voice. "That's ok. Maybe some other time then?" he asked.
"Yeah. That would be great." I said with a smile.
"K, by."
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR! No, keep cool. It's alright. Maybe i can try for a portal later.
I gave Jake's phone back. We played video games for a little longer. Then we went outside to do star tipping. You look up at the stars at night, and start spinning really fast. Someone else holds a flashlight, and after awhile, says "look." You stop and look into the flashlight, and all of the sudden, you collapse on the ground. It's so much fun.
(Ello. This is Kylie here. A.k.a, RAWr. Star tipping actually works. Get someone and do it. Loads of fun.)
After awhile, we went inside to go to bed. I didn't have any P.J's, so I decided I'd sleep in my clothes for now and buy some P.J's in the morning. Jake showed me to the guest room.
I lay down in bed, thinking about today. Lots of fun. But I miss people. Andrew. Annabel. I wish I could just visit home, at least for a little bit. I tossed and turned all night, trying to fall asleep. but I end up lying there, thinking. Just thinking.

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