The Land of Ooo

Alexandria falls through a portal to the Land of Ooo. She meets two boys named Finn and Jake, and falls deeply in love with Finn. Then she realizes she has to chose between the Land of Ooo and reality. What will she do?


1. Chapter 1

      "GET UP YOU LAZY MEAT SACK!!!" she screamed. I woke up. It seemed so real. It actually felt like finn and Jake were closing in on me. But dreams are dreams. I came back to reality when my sister screamed at me again. "I SAID GET UP!!!!" Annabel may be annoying, but she's my sister. She's only 7, and I would protect her no matter what.
      "Whyyyyyy?" I complained, teasing her.
      "BECAUSE IT"S CHRISTMAS!!!" she replied, giggling.
      "I will. . ." she smiled. "if you can get me off the bed." I plopped back down, pretending to be asleep. She just gigled some more. Slowly, but surely, she was yanking me out of my comfy bed. I finally got up. "Okay, yu got me up." I said, smiling.  She's so beautiful. She takes after our mom. Or at least I think so from the pictures I've seen. On the other hand, I look nothing like our mom. I look kind of like my dad. I have black hair and have chocolate eyes. When I look in the mirror, I don't see beauty. We were adopted when she was just a baby and I was 6. But I don't remember too much.
      The only thing I focus on is my dreams. Every night I have the same dream. I have so much fun sleighing monsters with my friends Finn and Jake in the Land of Ooo. Then I'll be on top of their treehouse doing who knows what, and they'll say "Come to the Land of Ooo, Alexandria, come!" They'll close in on me and I'll almost fall of the treehouse. Then I'll wake up when they're about to get me.
I headed downstairs. The tree was huge. And with a huge tree, comes a lot of presents. Most of them are for Annabel. There are a few for Chris, but he might not be home for awhile. He's our half brother, because he's an actual kid of our new parents, but he's never home. He's moved out and works all the time. And there were a few for me, too. I had gotten some cool fuzzy toe socks, a book, and a D.S game. All the rest was junk like a deflated soccer ball that cannot be inflated, and a jug full of Kool- Aid. (who knows how long it's been there)
My parents don't hate me, but they don't love me. They adore Annabel, are very proud of Chris, and I'm just that kid over there. Sometimes I wish there was a far away place where I could get away from this place. Have a new begining. But that's only in my dreams.
Tomorrow was my first day at this one private school somewhere in the world. There's a VERY stupid unifrom, and there's less vacation days. What fun. Here's the uniform 
But here's what I'm wearing right now [polyvore]
      See the difference?
      Anyway, I went back upsairs to grab my present for Annabel. I saved up all my money for it for myself, but Annabel should have it. I went back downstairs. "Annabel, you have one more gift!" I say. She gasps. I held it out for her. She unwraped it. "AN IPOD!" she screamed, hugging me tightly. "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"
      "I love you too." I exclaimin return. "Now who wants a fun day at the park?" I asked her.
      "ME!" Her hand shoots up in the air.
      "Good, then go get dressed and grab your shoes." I went up to go get dressed. I really wish we could move to Michigan. I lived there before I was adopted, and I never really played in the snow too much. Now I'm stuck in stupid Miami, where it's hot all year round. But today it was a little on the cool side. About 60 degrees. Besides, it was only the morning too. it was going to get warmer. I put on this: 
[polyvore] But my hair wasn't blue. I'd never be aloud to do that.
      I waited at the door for Annabel. She came down, her short blonde hair flowing behind her, her eyes big and blue. She was wearing a cute light blue shirt with some blue jeans with a hole in one knee. She put on a black jacket and slipped on her tennis shoes. Tryin to be like her big sister. "COPY CAT!" I yell. "NUH UH!" she screams back, laughing. "BEAT YOU TO THE PARK!" I screeched. She knows her way like the back of her hand. We live in a very small subdivision, but I can't seem to find even my way. I forgot my skateboard. "I'll be right there. I forgot my skateboard." I yell to her. She was already ahead of me. "K!" she yells back. I know what you're thinking, it's not safe to leave a 7 year old girl at the park by herself. But we live very close. My parents could almost keep an eye on her from the house.When i got back, I grabbed my skateboard and put on some eyeliner. Quickly, I rode back to the park. Annabel was there, swinging on the swing. There was a skate park right next to the actual park. I told Annael I would be over there if she needed me. She said ok, and I left. When i was there, my ex was there, also.Just my luck! i thought.
 I tried to ignore him as I skateboardeded. But he kept trying to annoy me. There was this boy there, though, and he kept staring at me.
His "gang" crowded me against the fence. "Go away." I said in a nervous voice.
      "Why should we." exclaimed Drake, my ex.
      "Just GO AWAY!" I said.
      "What'cha gonna do about it, huh?" He gets all up in my face. At most times, i would kick him in the nuts or hit him upside the head with my skateboard, but i was too nervous. i don't know why, though. My back was against the fence now. All of the sudden, a skateboard hit him in the nose. I just did that? "What was that for?!" he yells, now ready hit. And then someone hits him in the back of the head. it was that boy that kept staring at me. Then everyone got into a fight. They were hurting the boy badly. i had to step in.Turns out that was a bad idea. When I tried to stop them, I felt a snap in my leg. I screamed. When Drake's "gang" realized we were both beat up pretty badly, they left. The boy had no broken bones, but was badly bruised and scratched. My leg was throbbing with pain. 
      "Here, let me help you." he says. He helps me get up. "Can you walk?" he asks. I try. I scream again. Annabel comes running over.

      "WHAT HAPPENED?!" she screeched. Her eyes were tearing up. Apparently she had been there the whole time.
      "Annabel, no, no. It's okay. I'm alright. I think I might have just hurt my leg a little bit. We're going to have to go home okay?" she nods. "This nice boy is going to help me home, alright?" she nods again. We don't speak one more word until we're almost home.
      "What's your name?" asks the boy. He startled me.
      "A- Alexandria. B- but you can call me Al." I say.
      "That's a pretty name. I'm Andrew." he says. "Here's my number." I realize we're home. He writes his number on a piece of paper. "I- I mean, i- if you want it. You know-" I nod.
      "No, it's okay." I have Annabel walk me inside. i don't even bother to tell my parents about it untill later. I just go straight to my room. I really think I like that boy. Midnight black hair, stunning green eyes. GLOB! I'M SO STUPID! WHY DO I ALWAYS RUIN EVERYTHING! I like that boy, he helps me by getting beat up, and I accept his number with just a simple "No, it's okay!" and a nod. I don't even check to see if he's okay! I cuss under my breath. It's not fair! I finally think. I have stupid parents, stupid siblings, and a stupid life. I'm a nobody in school, I'm one of the few people without boyfriends, and I only have about 0 GOOD friends. Except maybe that boy. But other than that, my life feels like a pile of glob. Music, skateboarding, hunting. My only good friends. I can't skateboard much, with my parents being butts, I can't listen to my music because it has a bad word, or it sounds wierd, and I can't hunt in a subdivision. I start kicking things around my room. A lamp broke. But why the hell would i care? It's not technically mine because my parents bought it, according to them. My room became a complete train wreck. I chucked my pillow across the room. But instead of hitting the wall and bouncing back onto the floor, it went straight through the wall. All of the sidden, a swirling purple vortex appeared on the wall. I was curious, so naturally i stuck my hand through it. Nothing bad. But if I do step through it, I may be stuck in that place forever. And who knows what's on the other side. I could be trapped in a world of stupidness. Or it could be fun. Whatever it was, it had to be better than this dump. I took one last look at my room, then stepped through the portal. Then I blacked out.

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