StoneClan's story

A long lost clan,of wild cats.Blood of all legendary clans surging in each and everyone's veins.They all have a sense of pride,courag,strenght and love.Life in StoneClan isn't always easy.This is the story to prove it.

((All Warrior Cats refences belong to Erin Hunter))


3. Mosskit

I ran around filled with joy, Today is mine, Shrewkit's, Autumnkit's and Vinekit's 6th moon!!! We'll become apprentices at sunhigh!! I'm so EXCITED!!!! I ran over to Autumnkit as I pushed her over in joy. "APPRENTICESHIP!!!" I mewed happily as Autmunkit laughed. Willowtail picked me up and put me between her paws, as she gave me a bath. "MUM!!" I wailed as she shook her head and continued as Vinekit and Shrewkit watched laughing. "Shut up!" I bellowed as my mum let me go and with a smirk she picked up Shrewkit and washed him. NOO!!" He wailed as Autmunkit, Vinekit and I laughed at him. Wintershine picked up Autmunkit, and Vinekit was washed by Dawnspalsh, a soon to be queen. "HEY!!" Vinekit protested as Autmunkit enjoyed it. "All clan cats old enough to climb down to the ravine please meet under the StarRock." Flamestar called as Vinekit, Autumnkit, Shrewkit and I barreled out into the clearing. "We have 4 new apprentices today, Vinekit, Autumnkit, Mosskit and Shrewkit." He named us one by one, as we padded foreward. Nightclaw and Willowtail; looked at us proudly. "Mosskit, from this day fore ward, until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Mosspaw, and your mentor will be Blackstripe. Blackstripe is a new warrior and was trained by Adderscar, I hope that you pass on your skills and techniques to Mosspaw." He mewowed as the whole Clan cheered my name, and I stepped fore ward to touch his nose. "Hi." He mewed kindly as I touched Blackstripe's nose, and I felt all tingly inside. I mean, I know I've crushed on him since I met him, but come on!! My mentor?!

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